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Where are British Hindus today? Why are they silent?

Where are British Hindus today?
Why are they silent?

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from elle

James Wolfe perhaps it is best I quote the whole article. Hindus have the same chip on their shoulders as the Islamists except the Hindu Doctrine does not advocate killing the infidels."And contrary to the common perception of a prosperous, well-integrated and settled community, the study, "Connecting British Hindus," says that HINDUS FEEL MARGINALISED, MISUNDERSTOOD AND NEGLECTED. THEY ALSO FEEL AGGRIEVED THAT THEIR RELIGIOUS, SOCIAL AND CULTURAL SENSITIVITIES ARE NOT SHOWN THE SAME RESPECT AS THOSE OF OTHER FAITHS.such as Muslims, Christians and Jews.

"Discriminated against"

The report, written by distinguished academic and Labour Peer Bhikhu Parekh for the Runnymede Trust and the Hindu Forum, cites examples of areas where Hindus feel discriminated. While government-run hospitals have special arrangements for "halal" and "kosher" meat for their Muslim and Jew patients, there is not enough understanding of the dietary requirements of Hindu patients."

At hospitals and on airlines, we are given so-called Asian food," said Harsha Trivedi, president of the Brahmin Society of North London.She complained that her great aunt had to eat onion and garlic when she was admitted to hospital.The term "Asian," she argued, did not recognise the unique cultural and social traditions of Hinduism. It also meant that Hindus were often identified with the actions of other Asian communities.

"We get called names when we are identified with some of the bad things going on in the world. We don't want more than anybody else, but we do want to treated equally," she said.

Hindus also complain that they have problems performing their religious rituals because of the lack of proper facilities such as separate crematoria."

Our [funeral] rituals take two hours and crematoria do not have the time, facilities or space for these rituals," one respondent said.

"Asian word is abused"

In Leicester, which has the largest concentration of Hindus in Britain, one respondent said: "The Asian word is abused. I would rather that someone called me Indian. Russians are Asians. Half of Russia is Asian but they are never called Asian. Chinese are Asians, and they are called Chinese. But Indians, somehow, become Asians as though they own the whole continent.

"Insufficient representationLord Parekh points out that the Hindu community is politically "invisible" because it made "few noises when confronted with injustices." He said that although Britain's Hindus — mostly well educated and successful — had made a huge contribution to Britain, they were not sufficiently represented in the political life of the country. There are just two Hindu MPs.Although Hindus are generally better educated and professionally more successful than other communities from the subcontinent, many do live in deprived conditions. Half of those interviewed complained of discrimination." elle
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