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India's government and Some Suggested Alternatives

Shocked’ PM forgets his terrible record
from The Pioneer


The Congress believes, yes it really does, that its leaders alone have the right to ‘politicise’ national security while others should treat it as a ‘national issue’ above partisan politics. So, the Congress has been prompt in berating the BJP for suggesting that the pusillanimous UPA Government is to blame for the repeated terrorist strikes and the attendant death, destruction and devastation across the country. The 60-hour siege of Mumbai by fidayeen is the latest instance of India suffering yet another grievous blow at the hands of jihadis for whom slaughtering innocent people is the highest tribute to their faith. But after reprimanding the BJP for criticising the Government and thus ‘politicising’ terrorism, the Congress has had no compunctions about ‘politicising’ the grief and misery inflicted by mass murderers. On Saturday, the Congress issued a full-page advertisement in its favourite newspaper, listing the various terrorist strikes during the NDA years, casually mentioning the fidayeen attacks in Mumbai, saluting the security personnel killed in these incidents, and then preachily declaring that terrorism is a “national issue, not a political game”. The purpose was to influence people in Delhi hours before they stepped out of their homes to cast their votes in Saturday’s Assembly election.

The advertisement raises two issues, both related to political morality and ethics, which are alien to the Congress and its amoral and unethical leaders. First, according to this advertisement, there have been no terrorist attacks in India between the audacious strike on the Red Fort on December 22, 2000, and the November 26, 2008 assault on Mumbai. This, as every Indian knows, is a blatant lie. I have before me a list of terrorist attacks ever since the present impotent regime headed by an effete Prime Minister took charge of this country’s affairs after a scrambled election result helped the Congress to regain power at the Centre in the summer of 2004. . . .
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COMMENT posted by a reader on the foregoing Pioneer article:

Understand your angst
By Jayanth on 11/30/2008 1:30:32 AM

Sir, I commend your article. I am deeply anguished by the imbecile government that is ruling our beloved nation. Why cant we even name the terrorists as "Islamic Militants", when they were clearly influenced by the teachings of Islam. Their whole aim is to cause chaos and death of "Infidels" and they have successfully done it now with repeated string of attacks. All leaders of the UPA government with it's Muslims First policy ought to be hanged in public.

Another article from the Pioneer Does India need a dictator? is abstracted as follows:

GIven the fact that corruption seems to have crept in the most unimaginable of places, the armed forces, perhaps India needs a dictator to rule the country with an iron hand so that the entire system can be put in order

To which a reader comments:

Does India need a dictator?

Yes mam i agree with you that we need a dictator and the Dictator should be narendra Modi, no body else have the guts and determination to root out the bloody corrupt and anti national elements in india.

Note: For more about Narendra Modi, see
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A third article garnered from The Pioneer After the evil in Mumbai, anger is bursting over has this to say:


Fear and insecurity will always instigate anger. It is a question of whom the anger is directed against. Americans concentrated their anger on Al Qaeda because they did not feel betrayed by their own Government. They forgave Mr Bush a hundred vices because he displayed a single virtue.

Indian anger is bursting over in two directions. There is a passionate revulsion against terrorists of course. This was evident in Mumbai when citizens came out of their homes to cheer the heroic commandos who had delivered them from evil. But their second anger was also evident in their chants and slogans. Their impromptu slogans in praise of the motherland were punctuated with slogans demanding an end to Congress rule. The Indian voter is livid at the Congress-led Governments in Maharashtra and Delhi because it feels betrayed by those it has elected to power. The voter no longer has much by way of expectation from any Government. But if a Government cannot deliver, ever, on security, then it is time to pull it down. If the Mumbai outrage had been a first incident, the voter would have given the Government a second chance and more. But this Government in Delhi has exhausted all its chances.

All fear/anger is not the same. The Indian Muslim voter is both afraid and angry as well, but his sentiments are trapped in confusion. He is angry with the terrorist for using Islam and his problems as an excuse for shocking violence and thereby making him vulnerable. He is afraid of his vulnerability to Government retribution: A shamefaced Andhra Pradesh Government is handing out Rs 35,000 to each innocent it picked up and tortured. And he is afraid of retribution at the popular level, motivated by leaders of radical Hindu outfits. His vote, therefore, could reflect this confusion. A part of the Muslim vote, possibly a large part, could rush back to the comfort zone of the Congress not because the Congress has done anyone any good but because it is considered less worse than the BJP. A strong section of the Muslim vote will go to third parties, like Ms Mayawati’s BSP. And there may be other Muslim voters who will stay at home or vote for Muslim candidates who have no chance of winning. Wasting a vote is a means of showing no confidence in any of the parties on the slate.

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As a followup to the COMMENT by a reader above re Narendra Modi and the BJP, see

How not to deal with Islam
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How to deal with Islam
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Blueshift said...

Hi Leslie White

Do you understand why there is a raise in Islamic terrorism in India?
Islamic terrorism in rest of world is different from the terrorism they exibit in India.

India is a country ruled by Aryan Hindus then came the Islamic rulers then finally Christian rule under British. India saw a ray of hope and peace after partition in 1950 till 1990's due to Gandhi since the start of rath yatra by BJP, aryan hindus are not hitting back they want to establish aryan hindu state back as it was thousands of years back now obviously muslims and minorities in India are unhappy because of this, i mean very much unhappy. Rise of terrorism in India is due these reasons. When some political party raises and says we are going to make a hindu rashtra, this is disgusting stuff for minorities in India.
Aryan hindus do not like secular India they want to make it a hindu rashtra, they dont want to live peacefully with other religions.