Monday, December 15, 2008

Can Zardari Be Trusted in the Fight against Jihadi Terrorism?

by Ibrahim Lone
15 Dec, 2008
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Ibrahim Lone is Kashmir-born ex-Muslim.

Can Zardari Be Trusted in the Fight against Jihadi Terrorism?

I think we should and that is why some more research on this man did and I found some facts that I felt were disturbing. These facts in my right should be taken into consideration before we are to trust him. Perhaps these facts don’t have any relevance to his carrying out his duties as a President of a country. None the less we do require to know who this man is and where he comes from before we go on to make our decisions. Let me provide to you a glimpse into the past of Zardari.

Education and early life

Asif Ali Zardari born 26 July 1955 is the 12th and current President of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan and the Co-Chairman of the Pakistan People’s Party (PPP). This party was founded by Zulfikar Bhutto who was the father of Nuclearisation of Pakistan. Zardari is the widower of Benazir Bhutto (Zulfikar Bhutto daughter), who twice served as the Prime Minister of Pakistan.

Zardari belongs to a Shia Muslim family from the Nawabshah town of Sindh. His father Hakim Ali Zardari was . . .
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