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Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Taliban "beheading and burning their way" through Pakistan's Swat valley

December 30, 2008

from Jihad Watch

The Taliban's paradise is taking shape in the Swat valley and beyond: Among other things, polio has resurfaced, and the girls' schools have to close in less than three weeks. They must be so proud of their "progress."

"Scenic Pakistani valley falls to Taliban militants," by Nahal Toosi for the Associated Press, December 29 (thanks to all who sent this in):

ISLAMABAD, Pakistan – Taliban militants are beheading and burning their way through Pakistan's picturesque Swat Valley, and residents say the insurgents now control most of the mountainous region far from the lawless tribal areas where jihadists thrive.

The deteriorating situation in the former tourist haven comes despite an army offensive that began in 2007 and an attempted peace deal. It is especially worrisome to Pakistani officials because the valley lies outside the areas where al-Qaida and Taliban militants have traditionally operated and where the military is staging a separate offensive.

"You can't imagine how bad it is," said Muzaffar ul-Mulk, a federal lawmaker whose home in Swat was attacked by bomb-toting assailants in mid-December, weeks after he left. "It's worse day by day."

The Taliban activity in northwest Pakistan also comes as the country shifts forces east to the Indian border because of tensions over last month's terrorist attacks in Mumbai, potentially giving insurgents more space to maneuver along the Afghan frontier.

Militants began preying on Swat's lush mountain ranges about two years ago, and it is now too dangerous for foreign and Pakistani journalists to visit. Interviews with residents, lawmakers and officials who have fled the region paint a dire picture.

A suicide blast killed 40 people Sunday at a polling station in Buner, an area bordering Swat that had been relatively peaceful. The attack underscored fears that even so-called "settled" regions presumptively under government control are increasingly unsafe.

The 3,500-square-mile Swat Valley lies less than 100 miles from the capital, Islamabad.
A senior government official said he feared there could be a spillover effect if the government lost control of Swat and allowed the insurgency to infect other areas. Like nearly everyone interviewed, the official requested anonymity for fear of reprisal by militants. [...]

Swat's militants are led by Maulana Fazlullah, a cleric who rose to prominence through radio broadcasts demanding the imposition of a harsh brand of Islamic law. His appeal tapped into widespread frustration with the area's inefficient judicial system. [...]

In some places, just a handful of insurgents can control a village. They rule by fear: beheading government sympathizers, blowing up bridges and demanding women wear all-encompassing burqas. [...]

A lawmaker and the senior Swat government official said business and landowners had been told to give two-thirds of their income to the militants. Some local media reported last week that the militants have pronounced effective in mid-January.

Several people interviewed said the regional government made a mistake in May when it struck a peace deal with the militants. The agreement fell apart within two months but let the insurgents regroup....

Posted by Marisol at December 30, 2008 12:01 AM

Monday, December 29, 2008

Pakistan: A rogue Nation on a Highway to Hell

Pakistan: A rogue Nation on a Highway to Hell

Author: Ibrahim Lone on Monday, December 29, 2008 - 03:09 AM

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By:Ibrahim Lone

Its common knowledge these days that Pakistan is the mother that bore the child of terrorism in its womb. However what many don’t know is that Pakistan as a nation has an expertise in lying and creating demons out of thin air. Pakistan is now on international radar these days for its sympathy for Jihadis. If the statements coming from Pakistani politicians and media , which are on a face saving spree, are observed closely one will find a strange mixture of frustration, inability to act, lies, and a combination of all these emitting from the country.

While it is a matter of time before Pakistan finds its place in the “Hall of Fame of Rogue Nations” for now Pakistan is doing what it is best at doing, lying through its teeth. Right from the time of the November 26, 2008 terrorist act, which shook the entire civilized world, to this day Pakistan has been denying that it has anything to do with terrorism. The first statements that came out of Islamabad were complete denial of the terrorists involved in the 26/11 misadventure to be Pakistani. They did this in the face of evidence that would make the worst liar succumb. However since Pakistan as a nation has achieved a Phd in the art of lying we got to hear varying statements from them which betrayed logic and common sense.

A few days after Kasab, the lone survivor amongst the Allah’s warriors, confessed that he is indeed a Pakistani National, the Government of Pakistan went into overdrive to assuage its non-existent prestige, by cordoning off the village to which the fellow Kasab belongs to. This fact was revealed by non other than the Ex-Prime Minister and now opposition leader Mr. Nawaz Shareef. Incidentally he also told the Pakistani Administration that they should own up to responsibility and help out Kasab and not detain his parents. There was also a video release by the Pakistani media in which Kasab’s parents were shown telling the tale of how their son met them last and told them that we was going for Jihad. No sooner had this statement come from Nawaz Shareef did Sherry Rehman a cabinet minister in Pakistan release the statement saying that Nawaz Sharif should abstain from making statements that could harm Pakistan. In other words she was requesting Mr. Nawaz Shareef who still had some conscience left in him to keep mum and not tell the truth. Anyway truth is far too powerful to be mellowed by lies and deceit.

Then there were statements by the now Pakistani President Mr. Asif Ali Zardari that Indian Air Force jets had penetrated into Pakistani Air Apace. Sadly this came out to be a very big hoax when Pakistan could not authenticate its claim. Then there was the visit by the Pakistani Foreign Minister who told the Indian media that Pakistan would co-operate with Indian in fighting terrorism. Indians took his statement in good faith assuming that he was really serious about what he was saying. But then again he suffers from the same disease that the Pakistani establishment has been suffering from the beginning. As soon as he went back to Pakistan he took off his sheep’s clothing and like a true wolf declared that Pakistan had already provided a lot of support in terms of helping with the investigation to India.

If this was not enough since the last week Pakistani Establishment, the politicians, army Generals, media and whoever is some body in Pakistan has been war mongering. Every day we get to hear statements like Pakistan is ready to defend its soil and integrity and what not. These statements are coming even though India has not said a word about any sort of strikes on Pakistani soil.

To add insult to India’s injury Pakistanis claimed the Blast that took place in Lahore, on December 25, 2008 was the handy work of Indian security agency and even claimed that they had caught a man by the name of Rajeev Shukla who was involved in these blasts. Pakistani media went in to a frenzy telling their nation that India was involved in blasts and the Indians should close down the terror modules operating from their soil. Sadly no pictures of this chap they claimed to be the terrorist were released by either the Pakistani establishment or the Media. No relevant details were given either. Perhaps it takes some time even to fabricate stories and some degree of intelligence too. Sadly the Pakistanis failed at this bluff, as the very next day, i.e., December 25, 2008 a Pakistani pro-Al Qaeda Jihadi group claimed responsibility for the terror strike. They also told the media channel that they would not hesitate in killing the US security forces if they did not stop striking the Militant bases in North Waziristan. So Pakistan again had to eat its hat.

This is an excellent example of calling the bluff by Pakistan. By issuing these threats Pakistan is basically trying to create an atmosphere of frenzy wherein the World releases some of its pressure on Pakistan. India has learnt it lessons well and know very well that Pakistan will never give up on the terrorists as this would reveal every known and unknown fact about the nexus between the terrorist, the Pakistan establishment namely the Army and ISI (Pakistani Intelligence Agency). This is not the first time Pakistan has been caught lying to the world, it did the same at the time of the Bangladesh Freedom Movement when millions of innocents were butchered by the Pakistan Army in the name of Islam.

Pakistan wants India to cower by trying to show its false bravado. Unfortunately for Pakistan, its staunchest ally Saudi Arabia and Iran have backtracked from supporting Pakistan on this one. Even the Chinese who are famous for their ability to hide their decisions till the last moment asked Pakistan to own up responsibility and to co-operate with India. The world is looking at Pakistan with suspicion now that everyone knows where the problem lies.

Perhaps Pakistan does not realize that a war with India is not its own favor. While India might suffer certain casualties Pakistan will perhaps cease to exist in its present form if it were to go with war with India. So Pakistan should act with prudence while it can. War will mean complete annihilation of the state of Pakistan, which is not what the Indians want. However if Pakistan has a death wish it will annihilate itself anyway.

Will Islam overwhelm India?

Excerpt from

In case of India, there is a difference of Islamic population growth rate and the Hindu population growth rate. Muslims in India accounted for 9.9% of India’s total population in 1951, 10.8% in 1971, 11.3% in 1981, 12.1% in 1991. (CENSUS FIGURES - ACTUAL FIGURE HIGHER).

Let us look at the scientific data, and try to figure out when India’s muslims become 25% of India’s total population. Will come to why this 25% is important.

Total Indian Population in 1991 = 816 million.

Indian Muslim Population in 1991 = 101 million (12.1% of total).

% Increase in Total Population since 1981 = 23.8
Increase in Muslim Population since 1981 = 32.8


It is reliably argued that when the Muslim population of India will reach 25% of the total population, there will be a second partition of India. (The first one gave birth to Pakistan (east & west) and split of Pakistan in 1971 gave rise to Bangladesh). Pakistan has not forgotten the humiliating defeat of 1971 and every passing cadet takes an oath to avenge the defeat. However, the main plotters in Pakistan who are in their 60s and 70s will be all dead by 2070 - hence the hurry to bring in the break up of India and see the contours of the Caliphate in their lifetime.

With Pakistan army now embedding its soldiers in the ranks of LeT, Taliban and Al Qaeda for deniable operations in other countries, Pakistan today has now the most potent deniable ops. The complexity of Mumbai attacks has shown the commando training these LeT men received – but for all practical purposes they were trained by ex-Pak Army commandos and ISI handlers making the mix severely potent and showcased the lack of preparedness of India to deal with this sophisticated assault.

Islamization of India

"Pakistan is a country for Muslims of the subcontinent. Therefore, it is incomplete without Kashmir," Hafiz Saeed, founder of the LeT (Lashkar-e-Tayyiba). "Pakistan is also incomplete without Hyderabad, Junagarh and Munabao because these [erstwhile princely] states had announced accession with Pakistan, but the Hindus subjugated them," he said. "That is why it is our duty to free these states from Hindu subjugation and assure their Muslim population that they will become part of Pakistan. This is our agenda for Pakistan's completion. We will continue to propagate it in India through speech and writing and take these states back through jihad. There is no need for friendship with India. THERE CAN'T BE ANY PEACE WHILE INDIA REMAINS INTACT. CUT THEM, CUT THEM - CUT THEM SO MUCH THAT THEY KNEEL BEFORE YOU AND ASK FOR MERCY".

Friday, December 26, 2008

Muslim invasion of India

MUSLIM INVASION OF INDIA (a must to read topic)

posted by Shiv Shambhu

Very few know that while the Muslims invaded Persia in 634, they invaded Sindh in India in 638, just a gap of four years. But while Persia succumbed in seventeen years by 651, Muslims took seven hundred years to overrun India (today Sindh is a part of a Muslim country called Pakistan that was carved out of Hindu India in 1947). And even after that they could not rule India in peace. The Hindu resistance was not just fierce, but it kept increasing in ferocity till with the Marathas, the Hindus overtook the Muslims in their ferocity. It was this lesson which the Hindus learnt from the Muslims an applied against the Muslims that led to the Hindu (Maratha) victories against the beast-like Muslims. It was the Marathas who presaged President Bush when he said We will hunt down our enemies The Marathas literally hundred down the Muslims. Foul Tactics used by the Muslims against IndiansAlthough the Arab Muslims attacked India in 638, they were repeatedly defeated by the Rajas of Makara (Makran) and Sindh. The Arab chroniclers then wrote derisive accounts of the reasons for their defeats at the hands of the Hindus by saying that the Hidus practice Voodoo and Black Magic and so bring Jinns and Shaitan to help them in war. So the Arabs cannot defeat them, the way they could easily defeat the Persians and the Byzantines. We need only to remember how the Greeks under Alexander overcame the Persian Achemanian empire in a few years, after which they attacked India and the Hindus after initially being defeated the Greeks on the river Jhelum (Vitasta Hydaspes), harassed the Greek army so much, that the Greek troops mutinied and refused to advance further into India.

How the Muslims blackmailed a guard to open the door of the fort of Debal
The Muslims too had a tough job with the Hindus. After an unsuccessful campaign of more than eighty years, the Muslims captured the Fort of Deval (Debal near modern Karachi) by deceit, by kidnapping the three children of the chief guardsman of the fort of Debal, beheading one and threatening to behead the other two. With this blackmail, they forced him to leave the door open, after they had feigned retreat. Due to this betrayal, the Muslims could finally sink their ugly claws into India under the beast-like leader Mohammed-ibn-Qasim (Mohammed bin Kasim). The Hindus never forgot this treachery. And the two princesses of the King Dahirsen (Raja Dabir) who were captured by Qasim and sent to the Khilafa (Caliph) as a gift with a message that they were royal virgins, meant to be ravished by his holiness (sic) the lecherous Caliph himself. But these princesses outsmarted the Caliph. They tore apart their hymen with their own hands and told the caliph that their modesty had already been violated by Qasim. The Caliph did not believe them, but when he saw for himself the ruptured hymens, he was convinced that Qasim had violated the modesty of the princesses and then sent them over to him. That though so enraged him that he summoned Qasim to present himself at Baghdad. With Qasim in chains, the Caliph accused him of betrayal. Although Qasim pleaded his innocence, the Caliph, asked for Qasim to be locked in a barrel with nails stuck on the inside and had him rolled down a hill. Qasim died a cruel death. And the first generation of Hindus whom this beast-like Muslim had tormented and slaughtered, received poetic justice in the death of this accursed Muslim general who vandalized Sindh.

How the Rajput Hindus trounced the Muslims for five hundred years
After the Muslim occupied Sindh, they did not rest quiet, they attacked Punjab, but were repulsed, then they attacked Rajputana, but were repulsed by Kings like raja Bhoj, and when they attacked Gujarat, they were defeated by the Chalukyas (Solankis) of Anahilwada. Thus the Muslims could not make any headway into India from their occupation of Sindh in 715, up to 980. It was only in the year 980, that the Muslims could attack India once again. But they had to use another gateway. Instead of attacking Rajasthan, Punjab and Gujarat from Sindh, they attacked the Shahiya kingdom in Upaganastan (Afghanistan literally the land of allied tribes). The attackers were not Arab Muslim, but were the Persian and Turkish converts to Islam. The first Muslim chieftain to attack the Hindu domains was name Sabuktagin. He ruled from Ghazni and had forced his way up to the domains of the Hindu Raja of Kubha (later renamed as Kabul by the citys Muslims occupiers). More coming up soon

the sources are various sites - but only 4 clans of india fought against muslim invasion in indiathey are the solankis of Gujrat (one of the native of my maternal forefathers)The rajputs of rajasthan and jatt land (haryana)my favouritethe marathas of maharashtra (wher my roots lie)and the glourious sikhs of panjab

How the Muslims used the nobility of the Hindus
The Muslims had studied Hindu warfare practices and misused the weakness of the Hindus to their hilt. Sabuktagins spies had told him that the Hindus start warfare at Sunrise and end it at sunset. The crafty Muslim chieftain decided to use this weakness of the Hindus against them. He challenged Jayapal Shahiya to pen warfare and decided the place and date of the war. True to his word the Hindu king reached the appointed place one day before the day of the war. This was in the year 980. The Muslim too had assembled at the appointed place and the two adversaries exchanged ambassadors and decided that the hostilities would commence at sunrise the next day. After the Hindus retired for the night, the Muslim were busy preparing for a night assault. While the Hindu army was in deep slumber, except for a few scouts, taking cover of the dark and stormy night, the Muslims stealthily crept towards the camp of the Hindus, after crossing the few hillocks that separated the two camps. The Muslims had muffled the sounds of their advance by covering the hooves of their horses with felt and cloth. Dressed in dark clothes the Muslim almost reached the Hindu camps at two in the morning. When they were spotted the Hindu scouts raised a hue and cry to awaken their sleeping troops. But it was too late. Before any significant number of the Hindus could arise and don their armor and be ready to fight the Muslim, a large number of them were done to death while they were half awake of struggling to prepare themselves for war. The entire Hindu army was caught unawares, but they still put up a stiff fight against their beastly adversaries. The battle continued till past dawn, but the Hindu army had been overpowered, tricked as it had been to give the advantage of surprise to the Muslims. By late morning the remnants of the Hindu army retreated back to their capital Kubha, with the Muslims in pursuit. The Muslims soon occupied Kabul and continued to push the Hindus eastwards.
The Muslims soon occupied Kabul and continued to push the Hindus eastwards. The disgraced Hindu king Raja Jayapal Shahiya decided to shift his capital to Udabandapura (modern day Und in North West Frontier Province Paktoonisthan) But he could not bear the humiliation of defeat and decided to immolate himself rather than live with the shame of having been defeated by the Muslims with treachery. Thus ended the first Hindu-Muslim encounter after the Arabs had occupied Sindh in the 8th century.

Muslims poisoned the elephants
How the Muslims poisoned the elephants of the Hindus at the Battle of Lahore to snatch victory once again with subterfuge
The Muslims seized on their victory over the Hindu army and overran the capital Kubha (which was renamed Kabul by the Muslims) who destroyed the Hindu temples there and force converted the remaining Hindu population to Islam). After the defeat of Jayapal Shahiya, his son Anandpal Shahiya, moved his capital from Kubha present day Kabul) to Luvkushpura (Lahore). He gathered all allies he could from Northern India and opposed the invading Muslims now led by Sabuktagins son Mahmud of Ghazni. The armies met on the banks of the Ravi near Lahore. In the initial skirmishes, the Muslims were worsted by the Hindus, who were determined to liberate their motherland from the schizophrenic savages which is what the Muslims were. In the initial defeats of the Muslims, the Hindus had used armored elephants. The Muslim realized that the Elephants would be their nemesis. As the Muslims came from Afghanistan, they had no access to elephants, so they decided to use subterfuge. They sent an envoy to Anandpala, saying that they are suing for peace, their conditions were that they should be allowed safe passage out of the country. As a gesture of goodwill they wanted to come over to the Hindu camp and have a common meal with the Hindus, to seal the peace treaty. The innocuous and unsuspecting Anandpala agreed going against the advice of his allies. The Muslims came for the luncheon arranged at the banks of the Ravi river where the Hindu army had encamped. While intermingling with the soldiers, the Muslims moved about in the stables of the Hindu camps and expressed surprise at how the Hindus fed their mighty elephants.

With the Hindus playing the role of the gracious hosts, indulged their guests with every query they asked. After all the Muslims were their guests and the Hindus had a quaint belief that A guest is like God (Athithi Devoh Bhava), but little did these unsuspecting Hindus realize that these Muslims guests were Satan incarnate. While the unsuspecting Hindus showed them around the stables, the Muslims secretly fed the elephants poppy seeds (opium) mixed with fruits. The poppy seeds being raw did not have immediate effect and everything seemed normal. The dastardly deed being done, the Muslim contingent left the Hindu camp and returned to their own camps. The Hindus self-satisfied that the war was over and the peace had now been sealed with a common luncheon began preparations to dismantle their camp.To their utter amazement, in the next few hours, the Muslim cavalry surrounded the Hindu camp in a pincer move and began a fierce attacks with shrieks of Allahuakbar. The confused Hindus belatedly, realized that they had been double crossed by the Muslims. But manfully they fastened the howdas (seats for the riders of the elephants like saddles for horsemen) to their elephants and charged at the besieging Muslims in a disorderly manner. The Hindus were in far a shock when their elephants refused to obey their mahouts (elephant riders) orders and started running amok and away from the battled. The opium had begun to have its effect. With Anandpala also on one of the elephants which had started running helter-skelter, the confusion grew in the remaining Hindu troops. The Muslim cunningly spread the word that Anandpala was retreating, since he knew that a twofold Muslim army had joined the existing Muslims forces. The rumor gained credence, as the Hindus saw that Anadpalas elephant had gone a considerable distance from the battle. There isolated from his main army, Anandpala was pursued by the Muslims who had kept him under watch. They surrounded him, cut down the leather strips that held his howdah on the elephant

They surrounded him, cut down the leather strips that held his howdah on the elephant, and when the howdah fell on the ground, they decapitated the unfortunate Anandpala, beheaded him, stuck his head don a spike and paraded it before the Hindu army which was already in confusion. This grisly sight further demoralized the remaining Hindu troops who had initially lost heart when they saw their leader in retreat. Now with his head on a spike, a sight which they had never seen in battles before totally unnerved them, and the Hindu retreat turned into a rout, with many of the Hindus massacred on the battlefield. The rest was easy, for the Muslims to tear down the remaining Hindu troops and turn what was on the way to becoming a Hindu victory into a Muslim one, with the use of subterfuge and betrayal of the innate faith which the Hindus had even in an unscrupulous enemy. This should have been a lesson of the Muslim mind for the Hindus. But it was not to be as, we shall see such foul tricks repeated over and over again by the Muslims in the coming centuries in their duel of death with the Hindus

Call to the Hindus-1
by satyamitra

#1 [-]
Sunday,October 26, 2008

We Hindus has not passed a single night peacefully since the arrival of muslims invaders.We in this country are trying to forgive and forget the wounds inflicted on our society since the days of Mohammed Bin Qasim and Mahmud ghaznavi.We are trying to think of a better future for all our people.The perpetrators and defenders of countless bomb blasts in different parts of country thus killing thousand s of innocent people are opening old wounds and pouring salt on them. . . .

. . . Continued at

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Brahma: Oil and Islamism

Brahma: Oil and Islamism


Brahma states the obvious i.e. unearned oil wealth has led to radical Islamisation in the middle east - which is then exported by international subsidies to terrorist organizations (not to mention some Indian NGO's). Islamic ideology is full of concepts like Jihad, dar-ul-harb and houris - but in modern times the fuel for this fire has been petro-dollars. the ideas of a shiite revival are further elaborated in Vali Nasr's very fine book - I am actually glad to see the Sunni domination of the muslim world end. not because I am fond of the shia's - but because for india, the muslim world is better divided than united. this divide is actually very vicious - there used be riots in Lucknow about Shia processions during MuharramBrahma ends on a quizzical note - asking for the democratization of the region rather than Saud type autarky - I hope he does not have more of the Bush-style democratisation of Iraq in mind. I am also sad that he has not called for the ultimate weapon of destruction of oil sheikhdoms - solar power!
Posted by Ghost Writer at 12/24/2008 03:25:00 PM

Monday, December 22, 2008

Should this man be crying?

Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh at a conference in New Delhi on December 19. Hundreds of Pakistani protesters on Friday burnt an Indian flag and an effigy of Singh, underscoring mounting tensions in the wake of the Mumbai attacks.(AFP/Raveendran)

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

The Oppression of Muslims: The Blame Game

The Oppression of Muslims: The Blame Game
Author : Rajesh on Dec 18, 2008 - 07:09 AM
By: Rajesh

In the aftermath of the Mumbai terror attacks, internet is replete with views on why India has often been the target of the Islamic terrorism. And one of the most oft repeated mantra has been that the oppression of Muslims and the plight of Kashmiris have been the casus-belli for the 26/11 and for all other atrocities preceding this terrible tragedy. This argument has been accentuated not only by apologists of Islam, but also by other moderate Muslims and Hindus alike. When it comes to oppression of Muslims in India, the statistics that Muslims are under-represented in every field actually justifies the case of the critics. But such an under-representation of Muslims has been often been ascribed to the hegemony of the Hindu majority as opposed to their own non-reformist principles.

On this politically correct backdrop the fact that has been blissfully ignored is that the Hindus as an Indian majority, have always celebrated and even eulogized the achievements of Muslims in many fields. . . .

continued at

Islam and its Subjugation of North Africa, Persia, and other non-European Lands

Libya and the confiscated lands of Imazighen (Berbers)
Libya and the confiscated lands of Imazighen9 November 2008

When will the Arabic-Islamic colonialism end?
All the Amazighs (Berbers) in Algeria-the Kabylians, Chaouis, Touregs, Chenouis and the Mzabs-have always been and continue to be the victims of Islamist colonialism for 14 centuries, since the death of Dihia ( A Berber Queen who fought against the first Arabic-Islamic hordes which invaded Algeria).--Jugurten
continued at

Arabization of the Amazigh lands

When Islam extinguished the sacred fire of Zarathushtra - Caliph Omar's Ultimatum to Persian King, Yazdgird III and the King's Response
Text of the ultimatum from Omar Ibn-Khat'tab the Calif of Islam to the Iranina Sovereign, Yazdgerd III:
Bism-ellah Ar'rahman Ar'rhim To the Shah of the Fars

Kabylia Observer: A Muslim’s Way Out of Islam
A Muslim’s Way Out of Islam
by Zorro
Frontpage Interview’s guest today is Hossain Salahuddin, a poet, essayist and an ex-Muslim who is the author of several books. He is the editor of the magazine Maverick, which promotes literature, freethinking and rationalism.

HS: I was born in 1984, into a Muslim family in Bangladesh . My family was rather orthodox and they made sure I learn the Quran properly even before they enrolled me in a school. I had a home tutor Mullah, who taught me reciting Quran in Arabic- and I was actually good at it. I remember completing the whole Arabic Quran three times before I turned 12 without even understanding a word of it. If I try to remember, I can feel that it was pretty suffocating with all sorts of do’s and don’t. You can’t do this, you can’t do that, and there was that constant reminder- "You are a Muslim, you should act like one."

Islam an Ever-Present Danger to Western Civilization
Islamic Danger

More at Islamic Danger in History

The Non Arab Muslims

by Mumin Salih at

The Arabs commonly say: Aazzana Allahu bil Islam, which means that Allah has made us (the Arabs) valued because of Islam. The Arabs point of view is straight forward; they were insignificant Arab tribes in the desert of Arabia who later ruled a vast Islamic empire. I don’t think there are many Arabs who question the accuracy of the above statement; even some Arab atheists tend to agree with it even though they also believe that Mohammed was a liar and brutal gang leader. However, the subject that the Arabs are far better off without Islam is beyond the scope of this article. But the question that springs to my mind whenever I hear the above Arabic adage is: can any other Muslim nation claim that Allah made them valued because of Islam? Can the Indians or the Iranians, who had a formidable empire in the seventh century, make such a claim?

Islam, a language based religion

Islam is the only religion in the world that is completely based on a language. Islam can only survive in an Arabic language environment, if the Arabic language disappears Islam also disappears. Learning the Arabic language is mandatory to all Muslims in order to read the Quran and perform the Islamic rituals.

continued at

Monday, December 15, 2008

Killing a captured enemy: The Hindu Way and the Muslim way

Killing a captured enemy: The Hindu Way and the Muslim way
Posted by jagoindia on November 25, 2008
at Islamic Terrorism in India


Around 1689 A.D. the Hindu king Shambhaji, son of Shivaji, was captured by Aurangzib’s men. The Hindu king was murdered along with his minister Kavi Kalash. There are many ways of killing a defeated foe. Freeing a defeated foe after the battle, like the Hindu kings used to do or the Indian government did when they freed without trial the criminal elements of the Moslem Pakistani prisoners captured in the then East Pakistan (now Bangladesh), was of course unthinkable in Islamic ethics and more so if the foe was a kafir, an enemy of Allah and the prophet Mohammed. Kafirs were killed in a more sophisticated way, the way prescribed by the Koran. Chopping a kafir’s head off at a single stroke of the sword or crushing his head in a single blow was considered too mild. The idea was to make the pain last, as long as possible. Thus in Islam’s hell, a kafir burns but his skin goes on growing to be burnt continuously so that the pain becomes everlasting. Death is the termination of all pains and so it must be delayed to teach a lesson and to prove without fail the greatness of Allah’s religion.


One might think that such gruesome murders committed in accordance with the injunctions of the Koran are a thing of the past. But it is not so. The following incident proves it.
Bengal in pre-partition India was then being ruled by Suhrawardy, the Muslim League leader. Suhrawardy had laid a diabolical plan to destroy the Hindu city of Calcutta. One Mr. Haren Ghosh, a music teacher who used to give lessons in music to the girls of Suhrawardy’s family, came to know of the plot and he informed the authorities. Calcutta was saved at the nick of time and eventually Suhrawardy came to know that his plans were divulged by his music teacher. Mr. Ghosh was kidnapped, his limbs were hacked off one by one and his cut up body was found in a box that was left in a Calcutta street. And this happened in the 1940’s. Islam has not changed and those who think otherwise only fool themselves.

Even today the Sheikhs of Arabia make sick jokes when they ask their non-Moslem friends if they had a choice which one would they choose for their death: death by a single stroke severing the head or death by chopping their limbs off one by one.

from Islamic Terrorism in India

Can Zardari Be Trusted in the Fight against Jihadi Terrorism?

by Ibrahim Lone
15 Dec, 2008
Islam Watch
Telling the Truth About Islam
Islam Under Scrutiny by Ex-Muslims
Ibrahim Lone is Kashmir-born ex-Muslim.

Can Zardari Be Trusted in the Fight against Jihadi Terrorism?

I think we should and that is why some more research on this man did and I found some facts that I felt were disturbing. These facts in my right should be taken into consideration before we are to trust him. Perhaps these facts don’t have any relevance to his carrying out his duties as a President of a country. None the less we do require to know who this man is and where he comes from before we go on to make our decisions. Let me provide to you a glimpse into the past of Zardari.

Education and early life

Asif Ali Zardari born 26 July 1955 is the 12th and current President of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan and the Co-Chairman of the Pakistan People’s Party (PPP). This party was founded by Zulfikar Bhutto who was the father of Nuclearisation of Pakistan. Zardari is the widower of Benazir Bhutto (Zulfikar Bhutto daughter), who twice served as the Prime Minister of Pakistan.

Zardari belongs to a Shia Muslim family from the Nawabshah town of Sindh. His father Hakim Ali Zardari was . . .
. . . continued at

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Time to relax India’s gun control laws, to fight militants?"


December 11th, 2008
Time to relax India’s gun control laws, to fight militants?
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Posted by: Sanjeev Miglani
Tags: Pakistan: Now or Never, , , ,

Should India ease up on its tight gun control laws to arm citizens so that they can put up a fight next time they are attacked in their hotels, train stations and even a hospital as it happened in Mumbai last month?

Some people are arguing that if the people, or at least some of them such as hotel security staff and police at a railway terminal, had been properly armed there would have been some form of resistance to the Mumbai attackers instead of the spectacle of them moving around a city of 18 million as if they owned it.

You wouldn’t have had a situation where the gunmen killed at will and with such deliberation, shooting up a popular cafe, and then joining their comrades at the Taj hotel.

Or the other pair that marched up and down the train station emptying their machine guns into commuters, hopping over to a hospital to kill some more in the vicinity. And all this while the police, armed with only batons, watched cowering in the shadows.

There was plenty of heroism, to be sure. Like the policeman who local media said took bullets, so that one of the gunmen could be captured alive. He is really now the key to the Indian position that this was an attack launched and controlled from Pakistan. Or the hotel staff who stepped in front to take bullets instead of the guests.

But if they could take bullets, why couldn’t they return them? None of the security staff at the Trident-Oberoi had weapons thanks to India’s tight gun laws that make it virtually impossible to get permits, said chairman P.R. S. Oberoi.

Or take the Jewish outreach centre where there were some reports early on that bystanders tried to pelt the militants with stones only to retreat when they opened automatic fire on them.

The gun control laws date back to British colonial times when the authorities severely restricted gun ownership following the 1857 independence battle/sepoy mutiny (depends on which way you look at it).

Independent India repealed the laws but brought in an equally tight regime, setting up a licensing authority with a carte blanche to deny permits. It also restricted private manufacturing, while banning imports.

Unsurprisingly these restrictions have meant that there is a thriving black market for arms and ammunition, ensuring a steady supply to all manner of criminals — people who don’t bother about the niceties of remaining within the purview of the law.

Citizens must jump through several hoops to get an arms licence and then pay high prices for ordinary products. But black market firearms are available at a small fraction of the cost of legal firearms. A country-made single shot handgun can cost as little as US $ 20, imported handguns go for US $ 500- $1,000, and AK-47’s (like the ones that were used in this attack) cost about US$ 1,500 or thereabouts on the black market according to this piece in the The American Thinker.

“There never was a clearer real life example of how gun control takes guns out of the hands of decent law-abiding folk and puts them right into the hands of criminals,” it said.

But can you really open up a nation of a billion people to guns and especially one where sectarian tensions are never far from the surface? Will it not lead to more violence? Is this a remedy worse than the disease?

See above link for COMMENTS
and at

Also see
China, Pakistan and India
Comments (9)

Monday, December 8, 2008

Will Pakistan Swallow India?


There are lots of future scenario maps doing the rounds. Probably its best to understand the rationale behind them. Since LeT fired the first salvo in its quest for Islamization of India with the audacious commando raid on Mumbai – its better we start here. . . .

. . . Click

Saturday, December 6, 2008

"Counter-insurgency police officer" arrested for aiding Mumbai jihadists

A man with his face covered, identified by the police as Tauseef Rahman appears at a court in Calcutta, India, Saturday, Dec. 6, 2008.


Maybe he was on an undercover mission. Or maybe he holds to the same religious doctrine and political ideology as those of the jihadists. Did anyone try to find that out about him at any point? Or would that have been "Islamophobic"?

"Undercover officer among 2 men arrested for allegedly aiding Mumbai attackers," from AP, December 6 (thanks to Josephine):

SRINAGAR, India - Security officials say one of two Indians arrested for illegally buying mobile phone cards used by the gunmen in the Mumbai attacks is a counter-insurgency police officer.

A senior police official in Indian Kashmir says the man is part of a semiofficial counter-insurgency network whose members are usually drawn from among former militants.

The official says the man - identified as Mukhtar Ahmed - may have been on an undercover mission.

The official says Ahmed is being held by Calcutta police....

Posted by Robert [Spencer of] at December 6, 2008 2:57 PM


also see
Mumbai Intel

Enough of Radical Islam

The following article by Ben Shapiro is one of the best so far to come out of the Mumbai jihad. (Thanks to
--Bill Warner

Enough of Radical Islam

By Ben Shapiro
December 04,

Crossposted from

Enough with the pseudonyms. Western civilization isn't at war with terrorism any more than it is at war with grenades. Western civilization is at war with militant Islam, which dominates Muslim communities all over the world. Militant Islam isn't a tiny minority of otherwise goodhearted Muslims. It's a dominant strain of evil that runs rampant in a population of well over 1 billion.

Enough with the psychoanalysis. They don't hate us because of Israel. They don't hate us because of Kashmir. They don't hate us because we have troops in Saudi Arabia or because we deposed Saddam Hussein. They don't hate us because of Britney Spears. They hate us because we are infidels, and because we don't plan on surrendering or providing them material aid in their war of aggressive expansion.

Enough with the niceties. We don't lose our souls when we treat our enemies as enemies. We don't undermine our principles when we post more police officers in vulnerable areas, or when we send Marines to kill bad guys, or when we torture terrorists for information. And we don't redeem ourselves when we close Guantanamo Bay or try terrorists in civilian courts or censor anti-Islam comics. When it comes to war, extremism in the defense of liberty is no vice, and moderation in the pursuit of justice is no virtue.

Enough with the words. Talking with Iran without wielding the threat of force, either economic or military, won't help. Appealing to the United Nations, run by thugs and dictators ranging from Putin to Chavez to Ahmadinejad, is an exercise in pathetic futility. Evil countries don't suddenly decide to abandon their evil goals -- they are forced to do so by pressure and circumstance.

Enough with the faux allies. We don't gain anything by pretending that Saudi Arabia and Pakistan are true allies. They aren't. At best, they are playing both sides of the table. We ought to be drilling now in order to break OPEC. Building windmills isn't going to cut it. We should also be backing India to the hilt in its current conflict with Pakistan -- unless Pakistan can destroy its terrorist element, India should be given full leeway to do what it needs to do. Russia and China, meanwhile, are facilitating anti-Western terrorism. Treating them as friends in this global war is simply begging for a backstabbing.

Enough with the myths. Not everyone on earth is crying out for freedom. There are plenty of people who are happy in their misery, believing that their suffering is part and parcel of a correct religious system. Those people direct their anger outward, targeting unbelievers. We cannot simply knock off dictators and expect indoctrinated populations to rise to the liberal democratic challenge. The election of Hamas in the Gaza Strip is more a rule than an exception in the Islamic world.

Enough with the lies. Stop telling us that Islam is a religion of peace. If it is, prove it through action. Stop telling us that President-elect Barack Obama will fix our broken relationship with the Muslim world. They hate Obama just as much as they hated President George W. Bush, although they think Obama is more of a patsy than Bush was. Stop telling us that we shouldn't worry about the Islamic infiltration of our economy. If the Saudis own a large chunk of our banking institutions and control the oil market, they can certainly leverage their influence in dangerous ways.

Enough. After the World Trade Center, the Pentagon, the plane downed in Pennsylvania, the endless suicide bombings, shootings and rocket attacks in Israel, the Bali bombings, the synagogue bombing in Tunisia, the LAX shootings, the Kenyan hotel bombing, the Casablanca attacks, the Turkey synagogue attacks, the Madrid bombings, the London bombings, and the repeated attacks in India culminating in the Mumbai massacres -- among literally thousands of others -- it's about time that the West got the point: we're in a war. Our enemies are determined. They will not quit just because we offer them Big Macs, Christina Aguilera CDs, or even the freedom to vote. They will not quit just because we ensure that they have Korans in their Guantanamo cells, or because we offer to ban "The Satanic Verses" (as India did). They will only quit when they are dead. It is our job to make them so, and to eliminate every obstacle to their destruction.

So enough. No more empty talk. No more idle promises. No more happy ignorance, half measures, or appeasement-minded platitudes. The time for hard-nosed, uncompromising action hasn't merely come -- it's been overdue by seven years. The voice of our brothers' blood cries out from the ground.

Bill Warner

copyright (c) CBSX, LLC Use and distribute as you wish; do not edit and give us credit.

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Where are British Hindus today? Why are they silent?

Where are British Hindus today?
Why are they silent?

Click on link above to read

One Comment to the foregoing (there are many more, worthwhile reading them)

from elle

James Wolfe perhaps it is best I quote the whole article. Hindus have the same chip on their shoulders as the Islamists except the Hindu Doctrine does not advocate killing the infidels."And contrary to the common perception of a prosperous, well-integrated and settled community, the study, "Connecting British Hindus," says that HINDUS FEEL MARGINALISED, MISUNDERSTOOD AND NEGLECTED. THEY ALSO FEEL AGGRIEVED THAT THEIR RELIGIOUS, SOCIAL AND CULTURAL SENSITIVITIES ARE NOT SHOWN THE SAME RESPECT AS THOSE OF OTHER FAITHS.such as Muslims, Christians and Jews.

"Discriminated against"

The report, written by distinguished academic and Labour Peer Bhikhu Parekh for the Runnymede Trust and the Hindu Forum, cites examples of areas where Hindus feel discriminated. While government-run hospitals have special arrangements for "halal" and "kosher" meat for their Muslim and Jew patients, there is not enough understanding of the dietary requirements of Hindu patients."

At hospitals and on airlines, we are given so-called Asian food," said Harsha Trivedi, president of the Brahmin Society of North London.She complained that her great aunt had to eat onion and garlic when she was admitted to hospital.The term "Asian," she argued, did not recognise the unique cultural and social traditions of Hinduism. It also meant that Hindus were often identified with the actions of other Asian communities.

"We get called names when we are identified with some of the bad things going on in the world. We don't want more than anybody else, but we do want to treated equally," she said.

Hindus also complain that they have problems performing their religious rituals because of the lack of proper facilities such as separate crematoria."

Our [funeral] rituals take two hours and crematoria do not have the time, facilities or space for these rituals," one respondent said.

"Asian word is abused"

In Leicester, which has the largest concentration of Hindus in Britain, one respondent said: "The Asian word is abused. I would rather that someone called me Indian. Russians are Asians. Half of Russia is Asian but they are never called Asian. Chinese are Asians, and they are called Chinese. But Indians, somehow, become Asians as though they own the whole continent.

"Insufficient representationLord Parekh points out that the Hindu community is politically "invisible" because it made "few noises when confronted with injustices." He said that although Britain's Hindus — mostly well educated and successful — had made a huge contribution to Britain, they were not sufficiently represented in the political life of the country. There are just two Hindu MPs.Although Hindus are generally better educated and professionally more successful than other communities from the subcontinent, many do live in deprived conditions. Half of those interviewed complained of discrimination." elle
November 30, 2008 07:46 PM GMT

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Intelligence Warnings to Mumbai and Primitive Islamic Murderers used Modern Technology

Intelligence Warned of Mumbai Attack - Mark Sappenfield
New reports suggest that both Indian and American intelligence agencies had foreseen the threat to Mumbai. On Sept. 18 and 24, India's top intelligence agency, the Research and Analysis Wing, intercepted two satellite phone calls in which a member of the Pakistani militant group Lashkar-e-Taiba discussed an operation that would attack Mumbai by boat, according to the Hindustan Times. One call mentioned the Taj Mahal Hotel. Moreover, a U.S. counterterrorism official told CNN Tuesday that "the United States warned the Indian government about a potential maritime attack against Mumbai at least a month before last week's massacre in Mumbai." (Christian Science Monitor)

See also Mumbai Gunmen Used Technology as Tactical Tool - Emily Wax
The Mumbai attackers made sophisticated use of high technology in planning and carrying out their assault. The attackers who set out for Mumbai by sea navigated with Global Positioning System equipment, according to Indian investigators and police. They carried BlackBerrys, CDs holding high-resolution satellite images like those used for Google Earth maps, and multiple cellphones with switchable SIM cards that would be hard to track. They spoke by satellite telephone. "The terrorists would not have been able to carry out these attacks had it not been for technology," said G. Parthasarathy, an internal security expert at the Center for Policy Research in New Delhi. (Washington Post)

Click on headings to read original articles

India's government and Some Suggested Alternatives

Shocked’ PM forgets his terrible record
from The Pioneer


The Congress believes, yes it really does, that its leaders alone have the right to ‘politicise’ national security while others should treat it as a ‘national issue’ above partisan politics. So, the Congress has been prompt in berating the BJP for suggesting that the pusillanimous UPA Government is to blame for the repeated terrorist strikes and the attendant death, destruction and devastation across the country. The 60-hour siege of Mumbai by fidayeen is the latest instance of India suffering yet another grievous blow at the hands of jihadis for whom slaughtering innocent people is the highest tribute to their faith. But after reprimanding the BJP for criticising the Government and thus ‘politicising’ terrorism, the Congress has had no compunctions about ‘politicising’ the grief and misery inflicted by mass murderers. On Saturday, the Congress issued a full-page advertisement in its favourite newspaper, listing the various terrorist strikes during the NDA years, casually mentioning the fidayeen attacks in Mumbai, saluting the security personnel killed in these incidents, and then preachily declaring that terrorism is a “national issue, not a political game”. The purpose was to influence people in Delhi hours before they stepped out of their homes to cast their votes in Saturday’s Assembly election.

The advertisement raises two issues, both related to political morality and ethics, which are alien to the Congress and its amoral and unethical leaders. First, according to this advertisement, there have been no terrorist attacks in India between the audacious strike on the Red Fort on December 22, 2000, and the November 26, 2008 assault on Mumbai. This, as every Indian knows, is a blatant lie. I have before me a list of terrorist attacks ever since the present impotent regime headed by an effete Prime Minister took charge of this country’s affairs after a scrambled election result helped the Congress to regain power at the Centre in the summer of 2004. . . .
More, click on the link above and follow the instructions in the "NOTE" below.

NOTE: These articles in The Pioneer are not kept on file for your viewing for long. Suggest you select and copy the article, if you are interested, and paste it down for reading at your convenience.

COMMENT posted by a reader on the foregoing Pioneer article:

Understand your angst
By Jayanth on 11/30/2008 1:30:32 AM

Sir, I commend your article. I am deeply anguished by the imbecile government that is ruling our beloved nation. Why cant we even name the terrorists as "Islamic Militants", when they were clearly influenced by the teachings of Islam. Their whole aim is to cause chaos and death of "Infidels" and they have successfully done it now with repeated string of attacks. All leaders of the UPA government with it's Muslims First policy ought to be hanged in public.

Another article from the Pioneer Does India need a dictator? is abstracted as follows:

GIven the fact that corruption seems to have crept in the most unimaginable of places, the armed forces, perhaps India needs a dictator to rule the country with an iron hand so that the entire system can be put in order

To which a reader comments:

Does India need a dictator?

Yes mam i agree with you that we need a dictator and the Dictator should be narendra Modi, no body else have the guts and determination to root out the bloody corrupt and anti national elements in india.

Note: For more about Narendra Modi, see
Combating Jihad: Gujarat shows the way again
Even More Drastic Times Call for Even More Drastic Measures

A third article garnered from The Pioneer After the evil in Mumbai, anger is bursting over has this to say:


Fear and insecurity will always instigate anger. It is a question of whom the anger is directed against. Americans concentrated their anger on Al Qaeda because they did not feel betrayed by their own Government. They forgave Mr Bush a hundred vices because he displayed a single virtue.

Indian anger is bursting over in two directions. There is a passionate revulsion against terrorists of course. This was evident in Mumbai when citizens came out of their homes to cheer the heroic commandos who had delivered them from evil. But their second anger was also evident in their chants and slogans. Their impromptu slogans in praise of the motherland were punctuated with slogans demanding an end to Congress rule. The Indian voter is livid at the Congress-led Governments in Maharashtra and Delhi because it feels betrayed by those it has elected to power. The voter no longer has much by way of expectation from any Government. But if a Government cannot deliver, ever, on security, then it is time to pull it down. If the Mumbai outrage had been a first incident, the voter would have given the Government a second chance and more. But this Government in Delhi has exhausted all its chances.

All fear/anger is not the same. The Indian Muslim voter is both afraid and angry as well, but his sentiments are trapped in confusion. He is angry with the terrorist for using Islam and his problems as an excuse for shocking violence and thereby making him vulnerable. He is afraid of his vulnerability to Government retribution: A shamefaced Andhra Pradesh Government is handing out Rs 35,000 to each innocent it picked up and tortured. And he is afraid of retribution at the popular level, motivated by leaders of radical Hindu outfits. His vote, therefore, could reflect this confusion. A part of the Muslim vote, possibly a large part, could rush back to the comfort zone of the Congress not because the Congress has done anyone any good but because it is considered less worse than the BJP. A strong section of the Muslim vote will go to third parties, like Ms Mayawati’s BSP. And there may be other Muslim voters who will stay at home or vote for Muslim candidates who have no chance of winning. Wasting a vote is a means of showing no confidence in any of the parties on the slate.

[This is only an excerpt. The entire article can be linked to. Follow the instructions in the NOTE to preserve this article for reading at your convenience.]

As a followup to the COMMENT by a reader above re Narendra Modi and the BJP, see

How not to deal with Islam
from BJP vis-a-vis Hindu Resurgence
By Koenraad Elst
How to deal with Islam
from BJP vis-a-vis Hindu Resurgence
By Koenraad Elst

Click on the above headings to read.

The entire book BJP vis-a-vis Hindu Resurgence
by Koenraad Elst can be found at

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

U.S. intelligence agencies warned India in mid-October of a possible attack

Mumbai's Lesson: It Pays To Listen

Posted Tuesday, December 02, 2008 4:20 PM PT

War On Terror: U.S. warnings beginning in October of an imminent terror attack didn't save India. And if Democrats continue to doubt the value of aggressive terrorist surveillance, America can expect the same fate.

Read More: Global War On Terror [NOTE: Worthwhile reading. lw]

The world was stunned by the murder last week of nearly 200 people in India's financial capital, Mumbai, apparently by the Pakistan-based Lashkar-e-Taiba, which demands the end of Indian rule in Kashmir and Islamist rule throughout South Asia.

The seven-plus years of remarkable safety America has enjoyed have had the unfortunate side effect of lulling all too many of us into complacency about the reality of the 21st century. (This is why we at Investor's Business Daily mark the 11th of every month with a reminder to readers of the attack of Sept. 11, 2001, running photographs of some of the tragic or heroic events that took place that day.)

The prevention of a repeat of 9/11 wasn't magic. Nor was it luck.

We have our courageous law enforcement officers at the federal, state and local level to thank.

And we have the unsung heroes working in secrecy within the National Security Agency, monitoring telephone and computer communications that may come from or go to terrorists to thank, as well as the intelligence operatives working for the CIA and other spy agencies, some of whom gather lifesaving information in exotic ways.

Perhaps most importantly, we have our outgoing commander in chief to thank, the much-maligned President George W. Bush. There's no doubt that history will vindicate the president who went far beyond his Constitutional duties in selflessly protecting the American people.

For years, Bush's political foes have sought his scalp for approving the NSA's terrorist surveillance program and the CIA's black prison terrorist interrogation program. (Some in Congress intend to continue seeking his scalp even after he leaves office next month.)

Both programs were highly-classified secrets, but their existence was leaked separately to the New York Times and Washington Post by misguided anonymous government sources who obviously can't tell the difference between Watergate and the war on terror.

The NSA operation conducted rapid-response monitoring of domestic communications involving possible terrorist contacts; the much-criticized CIA interrogation program used foreign locales to interrogate high-ranking al-Qaida members and other terrorists possessing high-value information. Both programs have saved hundreds of innocent lives, perhaps many more.

To the president's opponents, however, these are unconstitutional abuses of power and serve as an excuse to try to destroy a two-term presidency that until lately was getting credit for a vibrant economy and its unrelenting struggle to fight the growing global terrorist threat, especially in Iraq.

There were no dark, Nixonian motives behind this president's approval of those two programs; there was only a determination to protect the homeland to the fullest extent possible — even if it meant risking his own political neck.

George W. Bush must forever get credit for that.

An intelligence official told ABC News this week that U.S. intelligence agencies warned India in mid-October of a possible attack "from the sea against hotels and business centers in Mumbai," while a second government source revealed that the Taj hotel and other specific locations were actually named in the U.S. warning.

About a month later, on Nov. 18, Indian intelligence intercepted a satellite phone call to a number in Pakistan used by a Lashkar-e-Taiba leader indicating a possible seaborne attack.

Whether our warnings to India were sufficiently heeded or not, it's clear that high-tech surveillance is one of the free world's best methods of preventing terrorism. It should be used as much as possible to prevent the slaughter of more innocents.

In a new report from Congress' Commission on the Prevention of Weapons of Mass Destruction Proliferation and Terrorism, six months of study revealed what common sense long ago should have told us: Terrorists will use weapons of mass destruction against a U.S. city, if we let them.

Let us fervently hope yet another pleasant surprise from our new president will be that he realizes better than his fellow Democrats what works.


BEWARE! Many blog- and websites not friendly to the violence and murder practiced by ISLAM have been infected with viruses and trojans.

See that your anti-virus software is installed and up to date. So far, I have gotten infected at Jihad Watch and warned that site of the problem.

Radarsite also appears to be infected as well as Shadow Warrior.

Please keep on visiting the above-named sites but warn the site if you find an infection

If any of you find this blog to be infected, please let me know.

I frequently run my anti-virus progam to keep the site virus-free.

Leslie White

Islamic Religious head incited rabid Mumbai killers


. . . not a few Islamic "extremists" nor misguided individuals not conversant with the "True Islam." Killing the "unbelievers" is one of the dictates of the political ideology masquerading as a "religion," that was dubbed "Islam." The only way an "unbeliever" has of escaping the mad-dog killers of Islam is either to convert to Islam--to join the killers' belief system--or some "fortunate" groups might be allowed to live under the supremacy of Moslems, being constantly and "properly" humiliated and taxed for this "privilege."

Off and on Jews and Christians, from whose religions Mohammed appropriated some parts helter-skelter, and perverted them either through ignorance or design, were allowed to live under Moslem humiliating rule. When some "unbelievers" were too numerous to kill, they were also granted the "privilege" of living as sub-humans under Islamic domination. These rules for "unbelievers" are not iron-clad, however, and Jews and Christians are often killed when Moslems rule over them, not to speak of other "unbelievers" that become the victims of Islamic blood-lust.

Religious head incited killers

Bruce Loudon, South Asia correspondent December 01, 2008

Article from: The Australian,25197,24731818-2703,00.html

THE al-Qa'ida-linked Lashkar-e-Toiba terrorists suspected over the Mumbai massacre were trained in Muzaffarabad, capital of Pakistan-controlled Kashmir, and were incited by speeches from their leader in Lahore.

As the sole surviving terrorist was interrogated in Mumbai, security sources told The Australian that 10 terrorists were picked by LET for the suicide mission.

They were ordered to "kill until your last breath" and murder up to 5000 people.

They did so after provocative speeches by Hafiz Mohammed Saeed last month in Lahore, capital of the Punjab.

Saeed, described as LET's supreme religious and political head, declared in one speech: "The only language India understands is that of force, and that is the language it must be talked to in."

The email claiming responsibility for the Mumbai attack minutes after it started last Wednesday was generated on a computer based in Pakistan.

And a satellite telephone captured from the terrorists revealed calls made to numbers in Pakistan during the attacks, reports said.

Officials said the terrorists' route to Mumbai had been recorded on GPS co-ordinates contained in the satellite phones.

Sources said the 10 terrorists -- most of whom were believed to be Pakistanis -- were ordered to undergo training to attack Mumbai.

The captured gunman, Ajmal Amir Kamal, 21, reportedly told intelligence sources the group had trained openly in Muzaffarabad before heading to the nearby Mangala dam for lessons in marine commando techniques.

The group then visited Rawalpindi, which adjoins Islamabad, the Pakistan capital and site of the Pakistan army headquarters.

From there, the group took a train to the port city of Karachi, where, heavily armed, they boarded a freighter for the trip to Mumbai. Along the way, they became nervous about Indian coastguard activity and almost aborted the mission.

They "dragooned" a less conspicuous, passing fishing boat into service, shooting dead four of its crew members. The skipper of the fishing boat and another crew member took them closer to Mumbai before they, too, were killed. One was decapitated and the other had his throat slit.

Close to shore, they transferred to small speedboats for the run into the two landing points they had selected in Mumbai - Sassoon Docks and Badhwar Park, on Cuff Parade.

Conflicting evidence obtained by intelligence agencies suggests that the group may have had local support, and that one or more of its members may have been staying locally, possibly even in the Taj Mahal hotel.

A British link to the attacks was raised over the weekend when a senior Indian official claimed that Britons were among the militants.

Vilasrao Deshmukh, the chief minister of Maharashtra state, in which Mumbai lies, was quoted on an Indian television station as saying that British citizens had been detained.

British MP Patrick Mercer, a former Tory security spokesman, said he had been given information that at least two of the terrorists had credit cards and other identifying documents that linked them to Dewsbury, West Yorkshire, in northeast England.

The claims, however, were not substantiated by official British sources, who said there was no evidence "at this stage" that Britons had taken part in the attacks, although they acknowledged that events were "moving fast" and more information was emerging about the nationality of the terrorists.

MI5 and British counter-terrorist police are keeping in close touch with their counterparts in India and are alert to the possibility that Britons with Pakistani origins might have been involved. Significant numbers of young British Pakistanis have taken part in terrorist training in Pakistan.

British Prime Minister Gordon Brown said that there was no evidence of Britons being involved, and the Foreign Secretary David Miliband said: "We obviously will want to work very closely with the Indians but it is too early to say whether or not any of them are British."

Malaysian police are investigating reports that Malaysian-issued credit cards were found in the belongings of the terrorists involved in the Mumbai attacks.

Home Minister Syed Hamid Albar said Malaysia had no links with the terrorists, responding to an Indian report that nine of the gunmen claimed to be Malaysian students when they travelled to Mumbai several months ago.

Terror analyst Praveen Swami said that at a meeting of key LET leaders in Lahore on October 19, LET leader Saeed, who insists he is only head of the Jamaat-ud-Dawa welfare organisation, made plain his view of Pakistan's neighbour.

"India, he claimed, was building dams in (Indian-controlled) Jammu and Kashmir to choke Pakistan's water supplies and cripple its agriculture," Mr Swami reported Saeed as saying.

"Earlier, in an October 6 speech, Saeed claimed that India had 'made a deal with the United States to send 150,000 Indian troops to Afghanistan' and that it agreed to support the US in its existential war against Islam.

"Finally, in a sermon to a congregation at the Jamia Masjid al-Qudsia (mosque) in Lahore at the end of October, Saeed proclaimed that there was an 'ongoing war in the world between Islam and its enemies'.

"He claimed that 'crusaders of the East and West have united in a cohesive onslaught against Muslims'."
ACT for America
P.O. Box 6884
Virginia Beach, VA 23456

India demands Pakistan hand over terror suspects

Published - Dec 02 2008 02:47AM PST AP
By RAMOLA TALWAR BADAM - Associated Press Writer

India picked up intelligence in recent months that terrorists were plotting attacks against Mumbai targets, an official said Tuesday, as the government demanded that Islamabad hand over suspected terrorists believed living in the Pakistan.

A list of about 20 -including India's most-wanted -was submitted to Pakistan's high commissioner to India on Monday night, said India's foreign minister, Pranab Mukherjee.

India has already demanded Pakistan take "strong action" against those responsible for the attacks, and the U.S. has pressured Islamabad to cooperate in the investigation. America's chief diplomat, Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice, will visit India on Wednesday.

The diplomatic wrangling comes as the government faces widespread accusations of security and intelligence failures after suspected Muslim militants carried out a three-day attack across India's financial capital, killing 172 people and wounding 239.

The only surviving attacker has told police that he and the other nine gunmen had trained for months in camps in Pakistan operated by the banned Pakistani militant group Lashkar-e-Taiba.

India's foreign intelligence agency received information as recently as September that Pakistan-based terrorists were plotting attacks against Mumbai targets, according to a government intelligence official familiar with the matter.

The information was then relayed to domestic security authorities, the official said, speaking on condition of anonymity because the person was not authorized to talk publicly about the details. But it's unclear what, if anything, the government did with the intelligence after that.

The famous Taj Mahal hotel, scene of much of the bloodshed, had tightened its security with metal detectors and other measures in the weeks before the attacks, after being warned of a possible threat.

But the security precautions "could not have stopped what took place," Ratan Tata, chairman of the company that owns the hotel, told CNN. "They (the gunmen) didn't come through that entrance. They came from somewhere in the back."

A day after soldiers finishing removed the last bodies from the hotel, where the standoff finally ended Saturday morning, wood boards covered its marble latticework and seafront entrance as plain-clothed police searched for evidence.

The building was the last to be cleared, following the five-star Oberoi hotel, a Jewish center, and other sites struck in this city of 18 million.

On Monday, this kinetic financial and entertainment hub began returning to normal, as children returned to school, shopkeepers open their businesses and restaurants began serving again.

Prime Minister Manmohan Singh, who has promised to strengthen maritime and air security and look into creating a new federal investigative agency, met Tuesday with top security aides to review any government lapses.

Among the prisoners sought by India is Dawood Ibrahim _ a powerful gangster, the alleged mastermind of 1993 Mumbai bombings, and India's most-wanted man.

Also included is Masood Azhar, a terror suspect freed from an Indian prison in exchange for the release of hostages aboard an Indian Airlines aircraft hijacked on Christmas Day 1999.

Pakistan would consider India's request and respond after receiving the list, said Pakistani Information Minister Sherry Rehman.

"We must try to dampen down the discourse of conflict and work toward regional peace," she said.

While the cross-border rhetoric between Pakistan and India has increased since the attacks, both countries _ by their often-bellicose standards _ carefully refrained from making statements that could quickly lead to a buildup of troops along their already militarized frontier.

In India, Pakistan's high commissioner met with foreign ministry officials late Monday and was told that "elements from Pakistan" had carried out the attacks.

The commissioner was told that India "expects that strong action would be taken against those elements," said foreign ministry spokesman Vishnu Prakash.

Pakistan has repeatedly denied any involvement in the attacks. Pakistani President Asif Ali Zardari said Monday the gunmen were "non-state actors," and the government has proposed a joint investigation.

With the investigation still under way, and FBI and Scotland Yard teams assisting, more details emerged about the suspects and the attacks.

The sole surviving attacker, Ajmal Qasab, told police his group trained over about six months in camps operated by Lashkar in Pakistan, learning close-combat techniques, hostage-taking, handling of explosives, satellite navigation, and high-seas survival skills, according to two Indian security officials familiar with the investigation. They spoke on condition of anonymity because they were not authorized to speak publicly about the details.

Lashkar was outlawed in Pakistan under pressure from the U.S. in 2002, a year after Washington and Britain listed it a terrorist group.

Qasab told investigators the militants hijacked an Indian vessel and killed three crew members, keeping the captain alive long enough to guide them into Mumbai, the two security officials said.

The men, ages 18-28, then came ashore in a dinghy at two different Mumbai areas before slipping into the city in two teams, officials said.

The gunmen hired two separate taxis after reaching Mumbai, planting bombs that later exploded in each vehicle, officials said. Two more unexploded bombs were found outside the Taj Mahal hotel.

The gunmen struck at several sites, including a train station, where they mowed down police and passers-by; the Jewish center; and the two luxury hotels, representing the city's wealth and tourism, reportedly seeking out Westerners.

The 19 foreigners killed were Americans, Germans, Canadians, Israelis and nationals from Britain, Italy, Mexico, Japan, China, Thailand, Australia, Singapore and Mexico.

Associated Press writer Ravi Nessman contributed from Mumbai, Ashok Sharma from New Delhi and Asif Shahzad from Islamabad, Pakistan.

Monday, December 1, 2008

Jihad & The Mumbai Massacre by UK's Lionheart

Lionheart: Jihad & The Mumbai Massacre
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Why are Muslims so violent? Is it because of Islam?

Terrorism--Murder and Mayhem--is rooted in the koran
From Hindus, Jews, and Jihad Terror in Mumbai
By Andrew G. Bostom

Indian government's ineffective war on Islamic terror

Western eyes see India's government fights against Islam's mass murder and mayhem in much the same way that liberals and many Democrats have been urging the U.S. to carry it out.

[excerpt from "Lost Illusions" by Arthur Herman]

. . . India’s record on counterterrorism is abysmal, almost deliberately so. The government in New Delhi steadfastly maintains a wall of separation between law-enforcement agencies like the one that used to separate the FBI and CIA before the Patriot Act, and keeps counterterrorist units underfunded and undermanned. It has repeatedly given way to the demands of Islamic radical groups and fundamentalist lobbyists in the name of “cultural sensitivity.” India was the first non-Islamic country to ban Salman Rushdie’s Satanic Verses back in 1988.

India has no preventive detention laws; no laws to protect the identity of anti-terrorist witnesses; and no laws to allow domestic wiretapping without court order. In 2004, the new Congress Party government revoked India’s version of the Patriot Act, even as the Indian media was loudly condemning the U.S. for “torture” at Gitmo and Abu Ghraib.

In short, the Indian government has waged the war on terror in much the same way that liberals and many Democrats have been urging the U.S. to carry it out. The result is that more than 4,000 Indians have died in attacks since 2004 — more than any other nation in the war on terror besides Iraq.

At the Sivaji rail platform on the November 28, eyewitnesses told the Belfast Telegraph that armed Indian police refused to shoot back when the terrorists opened fire. Even when the terrorists stopped to reload their guns, someone screamed at the police: “Shoot them, they’re sitting ducks!” But the police did nothing, only to be gunned down like everyone else.

Sitting ducks. One reason the Mumbai terrorists sought out Brits and Americans to kill is that they can’t get at them in their own countries. The latest report is that those “evil” U.S. intelligence agencies had actually intercepted threats about possible attacks on hotels in Mumbai, and passed them on to their Indian counterparts — who then failed to take action.

Britain and the United States have learned how to deal effectively with terrorism the hard way. Maybe this time Indians will, as well.

--Arthur Herman is the author of Gandhi and Churchill: The Epic Rivalry That Destroyed an Empire and Forged Our Age, published this year by Bantam/Dell.

from Lost Illusions
What really happened in Mumbai.
By Arthur Herman

Andrew Bostom on KASHMIR

The Muslim supremacist, jihad-inspired conflict in Kashmir -- really a tragic ethnic cleansing of the indigenous Hindus by Muslim jihadists which began in earnest during the 14th century -- re-emerged in late June of this year when the Indian government had the "temerity" to want to transfer 99 acres of land to the Shri Amarnath Shrine Board, a trust running the popular Hindu shrine (including the cave that houses a large ice stalagmite itself, revered by Hindus as an incarnation of Siva, the god of destruction and reproduction). Hundreds of thousands of Hindus visit the area as part of an annual pilgrimage to the cave.

Please view the poignant, elegantly produced video by Kashmiri filmmaker Ashok Pandit, "And the World Remained Silent," (linked here, Parts 1 and 2) which chronicles in gory detail the brutal ethnic cleansing of some 350,000 indigenous Hindus from Kashmir during early 1990, orchestrated by Pakistan. and it's Prime Minister, Benazir Bhutto. (Focus on the time period 2:15 to 4:00 minutes, from Part 1 above, and witness the jihadist speech of the late, much ballyhooed "modernist reformer" Ms. Bhutto. She was a jihadist, plain and simple; the head of what remains a jihadist state.)

Despite the brutal Islamization of India -- dating back to the initial 8th century Arab Muslim jihad ravages, and the subsequent more extensive campaigns under the Ghaznavids (Islamized Turkic nomads who annihilated the indigenous Hindus of Afghanistan by the mid-9th century), through the Delhi Sultanate period (1000-1525 C.E.) during which an estimated 70-80 million Hindus were slaughtered -- due largely to bowdlerized educational and public discourse on Islam, even many modern Hindus remain ignorant of both this history, and the Koranic injunctions which inspired the brutal waves of jihad conquest, and Muslim colonization of India.

The Muslim chroniclers al-Baladhuri (in Kitab Futuh al-Buldan) and al-Kufi (in the Chachnama) include enough isolated details to establish the overall nature of the conquest of Sindh (in modern Paksitan) by Muhammad b. Qasim during 712 C.E. These narratives, and the processes they describe, make clear that the Arab invaders intended from the outset to Islamize Sindh by conquest, colonization, and local conversion.

More . . . this is only an excerpt. Read the whole article at
by Andrew G. Bostom