Wednesday, October 29, 2008

"We Hindus have not passed a single night peacefully since the arrival of muslims invaders"


We in this country are trying to forgive and forget the wounds inflicted on our society since the days of Mohammed Bin Qasim and Mahmud ghaznavi.We are trying to think of a better future for all our people.

The perpetrators and defenders of countless bomb blasts in different parts of country thus killing thousand s of innocent people are opening old wounds and pouring salt on them.

Everybody has expressed deep concern over it.

Those responsible for killing innocent people and trying to terrorising the Indian masses especially Hindus are being given moral support by pseudo secularist politicians better called crypto terrorist and should be tried for treason.

The present responsible for what has happened and it is the anti Hindu climate fostered by nehru,Gandhi etc.,which has divided and dispirited the national society and emboldened anti national elements.

Muslims of Hindustani peninsula are trying to set up an anti Hindu state in India.

Our leaders thinks there are votes in flattering muslims. The petro-countries and vague state Pakistan have openly declared their design and intention to convert India into DARUL ISLAM.

We Indians are so much scared of Muslims that we have thrown ourselves over their feets.The Indian political scenario where Mulayam,Amar,Lalu and Paswan etc.,the greedy ,cowards politician are playing vote bank politics and they are least concern about the motherland ie.BHARATMATA.

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