Tuesday, October 28, 2008

This way lies national disaster

"All talk of pluralism and/or multiculturalism is a threat to our commitment to the motherland. Many a patriotic leader also uses these words in order to sound sweet to Muslims and the various shades of Leftists. They do not realise the serious implications of what they say. Pluralism is not synonymous with secularism. It is a system in which two or more states coexist. Do our Governments realise how inimical are the wakfs which are exempt from all laws of the land? Or how hostile the darul qazas or Islamic courts are? They operate as a parallel to the country’s judiciary."

"Due to such practices over the past 60 years, India has now reached a stage when we must assert that India is Hindustan. Hinduism has no political content; a separation of the church from the state does not arise since there is no Hindu church. There is only a dedication to India."

This way lies national disaster
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The country’s political leadership has never tried to stop or undercut parochialism. Is it because India has never tried to distill its past and learn lessons from it?


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