Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Nepal recalls its ambassadors to India, US, UK

Nepal recalls its ambassadors to India, US, UK
Kathmandu (PTI): In a major decision, Nepal's Maoist-led government has asked country's ambassadors to India, the US and the UK to immediately return to Kathmandu.

The Nepalese Foreign Ministry yesterday send letters recalling Nepalese envoy to India Durgesh Man Singh, ambassador to the USA Suresh Raj Chalise and ambassador to the UK Murari Raj Sharma.

All the three ambassadors were appointed during the time of previous government led by Nepali Congress president Girija Prasad Koirala.

Singh and Chalise are the Nepali Congress supporters. Sharma was appointed from among bureaucrats. Nepali Congress has strongly objected the decision saying that it was biased against the largest democratic party.

The foreign envoys were appointed by the previous coalition government on the basis of consensus among all the major parties including the Maoists, so it was inappropriate to recall them, said Nepali Congress leader Prakash Sharan Mahat.

They were nominated after the Parliament's special hearing committee endorsed their names, he added.


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