Thursday, November 27, 2008

Muslim Jihadis go after Mumbai, India

Muslim Jihadis go after Mumbai, India

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Mumbai again becomes the victim of a terrorist attack. However, this time it is much serious. I am pretty sure because of the extensive coverage by CNN and other media we all know what happened. A bunch of terrorists decided to go crazy with their guns and kill innocent people.

This is not the first time India is facing these types of attacks. The problem is that India is not doing anything to make the nation safe(r) for its citizens. Every time there is an attack, we see Indian government going ahead and condemning the attacks and playing their same boring record, “terrorism has no religion.” This is getting annoying now.

If you are not willing to do anything about it then you will continue to face the wrath of Islamic terrorists. The US was like that too before 9/11. Now, they hyped up their security and they can figure out possible terrorist plots before they take place. For instance, today, the Feds figured out that NY trains would be targetted by Islamic terrorists.

India just doesn’t have the technology or initiatives currently to carry out such a fast action as the americans. That’s why India needs to have an alliance with Israel and the US to destroy Muslim terrorism.


Muslims also need to come forward and redefine Islam and terrorism to the world. Not all Muslims are terrorists but 95% terrorists are Muslims. People that’s why do question Islam. Muslims need to look into their communities and their interpretations to see what is going wrong. We, the outsiders can always analyze whatever but the real change has to become within the Muslim communities.

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Islamic terrorism and Muslim appeasements at its best.

Thanks for the link :) BTW, check out the newest comment by a radical Muslim in the site.