Sunday, November 2, 2008


I don't mean with individual Moslems, because some of these can be quite harmless by themselves, unless the individuals coalesce, form into a community and reach a certain percentage* of the population. At that point, they will start to demand certain rights--and if they don't get them, threaten to riot, and if they still don't get the, will riot.

Hence. we cannot live WITH Islam. We can live UNDER Islam; they'll let us do that, and milk us of money and dignity, because we are their chattel.
*from "Even More Drastic Times Call for Even More Drastic Measures"

Islam is a primitive and brutish religion and unfortunately hence, only primitive and brutish methods work with islam

As a rule of thumb, muslims are peaceful as long as they are below a certain critical threshold
As soon as they cross that threshold, they are a menace

The key then is to dilute muslims below the critical mass

This critical mass is a function of the local kafir community

For example, among a sikh host, the critical % for muslims is about 65%Among PC infected white Europeans, this critical % is 5%

'Durjanam Prathamam Vandey, Satjanam Tadah Nantaram'. This cynically sarcastic Sanskrit phrase found an echo in the behaviour of hypocrites and turncoats in India during Muslim occupation. In those dark days of Muslim Tyranny, there were many Hindus who fought back the invaders and tormentors valiantly. They included Prithviraj Chouhan, Maharana Pratap, Krishna Dev Raya, Chattrapati Shivaji Maharaj and many others.

But there were also a band of Hindu sycophants who pandered to the whims and fancies of the tormentors of their fellow countrymen. These sycophants were the renegade Hindu Munshis who wrote glowing chronicles of Muslim depredations against their kinsmen. They did this to curry favour from the oppressors and to live upon the crumbs that fell from the table of the occupying forces - crumbs in the form of Jagirs, Inams, titles and grants.

These renegade Hindu Munshis are still living amongst us today in ALL political parties of modern day India. These are those, who make a shrill cacophony for special status for the Muslims, want reservations for them in the police and the army, and host Iftar parties during Ramzan (these same politicians forget to organize similar parties during Diwali, Christmas, Gurupurab, or Pateti).

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