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and how to shape the world towards a solution

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The following is a Comment on Israpundit's article "Why I hate Annapolis: What was agreed to at Annapolis will destroy Israel" by Ted Belman, originally appearing at as Comment # 22


Israel is not fighting an isolated Arab entity–the self-styled “Palestinians”–but the entire Islamic world, the so-called ummah. The Moslem Arabs and other arabized Moslems, as well as Moslem Iranians, Pakis, Indonesians, etc. will never recognize nor accept Israel as a Jewish state–on land they consider forever Islamic, as it once was occupied by Moslems. The hatred of Jews is codified in the Moslem’s koran and was initiated by Mohammed who raged in fury when he could not get the Jews to accept his “verkackte” [shitty, yid. ed.] ideology masquerading as a new “religion.”

There can never be a “peace” between Israel and the Arabs–Abbas’ Fatah etc., Hamas or whoever represents the “Palestinians.” These occupiers of Yesha [Judea, Samaria, and Gaza. ed.] are but the shock troops and cannon fodder of the Islamic world. The U.S. is not, and never was, a “friend” of Israel’s. It used Israel as a bulwark against the Soviets’ Arab client states during the cold war. Now, with the Saudi-infiltrated government in Washington–and in the embassies and consulates abroad–Israel is being used as a bargaining chip by the mentally defectives ruling from Washington to try and make the “Middle East” into a bunch of U.S.-friendly Islamic “democracies.”

That this attempt by Washington will fail cannot be understood by those who do not see all of Islam–the ideology with its tenets clearly stated in the koran and other Islamic scriptures–as the enemy of the non-Islamic world. The belief that it is only a few “fundamentalists” or “misguided” Moslems who are the enemy, espoused by Bush–for whatever reasons–does not recognize that the Saudis are the purveyors of the most fundamentalist and Jew-hating school of Islam, that of the Wahhabis.

With the closest U.S. “allies” and “friends” in the Middle East being Saudi Arabia and Egypt and in Southern Asia Pakistan and Karzai Afghanistan, the U.S. is playing a losing game. The non-Islamic world could only come out ahead in this game by allying itself with, and supporting, Israel and India in their struggle against the Islamics.

Unfortunately India and Israel are both suffering with Moslem-placating governments of the Left, and thus, unless viciously attacked by Moslems and responding disproportionally, are little use in the West’s as yet unrecognized struggle against the Islamic demographic and overt onslaught.

Israel has shown that it can defeat Islamic armies as has India in its open warfare with Pakistan. A change in the goverments of Israel and India is mandatory to defeat Islamic intentions. Both countries need leaders who are willing and eager to punish the Islamic enemy so severly and repeatedly that he will realize the hopelessness of ever achieving his goal of killing the Jews of Israel and subjugating and converting the “kufar” of India, and thusly making their countries part of the Islamic world.

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for India's overhwelming defeat of Pakistan, see

as to India's perennial resistance to Islam, in spite of repeated invasions, betrayals, and conversions to Islam , see

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Applicable Additional Material

1. Newsweek: COVER STORY: PAKISTAN, Where the Jihad Lives Now:
Pakistani leaders created the Islamist monster that now operates with near impunity throughout the country. Militant Islamist groups that were originally recruited, trained and armed by Pakistan's Inter-Services Intelligence agency (ISI) have since become Islamabad's deadliest enemies. Twice they have nearly succeeded in assassinating Musharraf, who was once among their strongest supporters. In the last six years extremists have killed more than 1,000 Pakistani troops.

a. A Pakistani comments on the foregoing Newsweek story:
(i) The Western societies believe in the twisted interpretations of Islam and the prevalent environment appears to be more conducive for the advancement of their interest, which also requires maligning Islam. The word ???Jihad??? for instance, is completely misunderstood by the Non Muslims. Its implication is vast and is not confined to war, which, in any event, can only be waged against an aggressor. The Muslims of Pakistan believe in the same meaning of ???Jihad??? and condemn the incidents of suicide bombings occurring in the country. They believe that a true Muslim cannot go for the act of suicide bomb blast but they are detracted and misused by some miscreants, working for interest of some other nations. The Government of Pakistan has clear policy in fighting with these terrorists and majority of the public supports it.
(ii) "Extremism in the religions is everywhere in the world. Brahmans in Hindu religion, and Jews are the suitable examples. As India and Israel both are committed in violation of basic human rights in Occupied Kashmir and Palestine respectively. But the so-called civilized nations pay no heat to restrict them in their deeds. It is only Pakistan, which consistently reminded the international community and United Nations to pay role in finding equitable solution for a lasting peace in Palestine and Kashmir. "
--Hamid (Pakistan)

c. Leslie White says: the foregoing comment contains two argumentative devices employed by Islamics: Taqiyya and Tu-Quoque

Hugh Fitzgerald of Jihad Watch defines “Taqiyya” as the religiously-sanctioned doctrine, with its origins in Shi’a Islam but now practiced by non-Shi’a as well, of deliberate dissimulation about religious matters that may be undertaken to protect Islam, and the Believers.

(i) In the aforementioned Comment by Hamid (Pakistan), Taqiyya is exemplified by his insisting that "jihad" is much more than how it is used by the West, that is, a violent war against non-Moslems. The "wider" definition of jihad in this Islamic dissimulation is that "jihad" is more of an inner, spiritual struggle wherein Moslems attempt to improve themselves. This is just so much bullshit.

(ii) As to the informal logical fallacy of Tu Quoque, here is an example of typical Islamic "Tu Quoque," which in Latin means "You, also" or "You're another," posted by the hapless Hamid of Pakistan: "Extremism in the religions is everywhere in the world. Brahmans in Hindu religion, and Jews are the suitable examples. As India and Israel both are committed in violation of basic human rights in Occupied Kashmir and Palestine respectively . . . ."
As Fitzgerald would have it: Graduates of the Tu-Quoque Academy (whose diplomas are still written in Latin) like to refer airily to “fundamentalists on all sides” who pose an equal threat to one another, and how important it is to “rein in the crazies” that “every society” and “every religion” throws up.

Update and Correction! 11:18 PM November 4, 2007

We had erroneously reported (from memory) an exchange at a message board having to do with the trustworthiness of Indian alliance with the Jewish state of Israel.

After locating the actual message board and the conversation, we have to set the record straight as follows:

2.The following discussion took place between several East Indians at Intellibriefs:

ssk said...

How to tackle jihadi terrorism in India?

1) Let's us fight back. Form groups of like minded hindus, unite together, be prepared and keep a watch on mullas in your area.

We must form organisations that are independent of political and public scrutiny. Such organisations will only work for the benefit of hinduism and Bharat. All dirty tricks can be used to enforce hindu's interests.

2) Indian hindus should work with LTTE and teach pakistan what exactly terrorism is.

3) Enough of this non-violence non-sense.

4) Next India should again divide pakistan in two or three parts taking benefit of its internal racial conflicts such as wazirstan and sindh and dispute with Afghanistan and Russia. This will break back of this terrorist nation for another 30-40 years.

5) India should also not spare China who has basically supported pakistan in order to distract India from becoming a world power.

India should unite pacific nations, support taiwan, south korea, vietnam, cambodia, japan and indonesia to fight against china. India should play politcal and military support to these small nations who are afraid of china's imperialism.

6) Finally, Iran. Many Iranian spies have entered India as Iranian students. The Varanasi blasts were handiwork of Iranian spies, ISI and SIMI.

To take revenge on these middle eastern scums.. join Israel, give them logistic and political support.

This is the only chance Indian civilisation can ever become a true world power in the world.

VISH said...

SSK is absolutely right. Hindus have to get their asses moving. We have been sitting lazy and timid for too long.

They talk about the spirit and resilience of Mumbai. I say: The spirit is not in the resilience. The spirit is in the REVENGE.

Look at Israel, how it has smashed Lebanon. We have to do this to Fuckistan to teach all these scums a lesson for time immemorial.

Jai Hind!

Anonymous [1] said...

People say Narendra Modi did Genocide in Gujrat of muslims.
Lets show people what genocide is.

First all hindu youth should come together and topple the bloody government of congress-leftist.

then all anti-hindu communist parties should be banished from India.
India should support Hindu LTTE and destroy bloody christian Sinhali and then use Sri Lanka as a proxy state for carrying out Terrorism in Pakistan and China.
We are majority Bloody Mohd of Gazni plundered Somnath temple 17 times and built city with lood.

We should unleash hordes of Hindus on all non hindu monuments and use the loot for the benifit of poor hindu tribals preventing them from becoming christian.
India has third largest army in world after America and China.
Howerver our army is voluantary.

We should make service in armed forces compulsary and unleash our poppulation on bloody islamic countries. If fucking nomads from desert could conquer Asia we can conquer the world.

Lets make the entire world our Bharatvarsha like Arjuna conquered entire India in Mahabharata for Yudhisthira lets conquer entire world for Hinduism.

Jai Hind

Anonymous [2] said...

Hindu forces are just like a plump with no inner exersion.

Lets take example of Sunita williams. All indians made hue and cry ober her pretending her to be indian but truth is that she is 100% cristian .

Indian army is the third largest but can we say that this is "hijron ki fauj hai" only showing the bravery killing the innocent peoples. How can u expect them to fight with the armed forces of srilanka or china.

So my suggestion is that stop day dreaming and feel the real situation. You r born to be ruled eiher by English or today by America. Aligning india with the terrorist nation like Isreal can only do the harm as Jews can never be loyal to anyone as their history says thats why they have been crushed in past and should be crushed in future.

NOTE: This Anonymous [2] appears to be a sower of dissension and doubt. His tack is at odds with the course of the ongoing conversation. He is not a Hindu--note his "You r born to be ruled eiher by English or today by America." You, not we. And then he goes into a typical Moslem rant stressing the "perfidy of the Jews."

"Jews can never be loyal to anyone as their history says thats why they have been crushed in past and should be crushed in future."

Now, I do not know to what he was referring when he cites "their history" and "that's why they have been crushed in past [sic]."

This--let's call him a Moslem-- would have been justified questioning the "loyalty of Jews" had he referred to what happened to the Christians of Southern Lebanon and the so-called "settlers" in the now-demolished Jewish "settlements" in Sinai (I believe) and the Negev (if I remember correctly) and of course Gaza, where Jews were encouraged to make the desert bloom--which they did--only to be betrayed by other Jews--specifically Ariel Sharon and when that one became incapacitated by Ehud Olmert who today still rules Israel.

But he probably was referring to the clashes that Mohammed had with the Jewish tribes of Arabia.

Nevertheless, returning to the recent past, I asked myself "Who are these 'Jews' who betray those that believe their word and depend on them?" The answer is they are not "all Jews" but specifically "Israeli Jews" --certainly not all of them, nor most of them--but the Moslem-placating Leftist Elite that has ruled Israel for far too long.

"It is not "Jews" that cannot be trusted by the Indian Hindus, but, as is the case with their own Indian government, the Moslem-placating Leftists that are at the helm."
--Leslie White

More Indian thought and opinion from

3. "Unless we citizens of Bharat(India) know what is Islam, we will never realize the purpose of creation of Pakistan on Indian land. If the citizens remain ignorant they will invite further aggression of Islam in this land. Islam is the mission of spreading Arabic culture by killing original Hindu culture"
- Shri Gopal Godse, Feb 2nd 2001

. . . . The river Indus (Sindhu), on the banks of which our pre-historic Rishis composed the Vedas is the Boundary of our Bharatvarsha i.e. Hindusthan. My ashes may be sunk in the Holy Sindhu River when she will again flow freely under the aegis of the flag of Hindusthan. That will be the sacred day for us. It hardly matters even if it took a couple of generations for realizing my wish. Preserve the ashes till then, and if that day would not dawn in your lifetime, pass on the remains to posterity for translating my desire into reality.If and when the Government lifts ban on my statement made in the Court, I authorize you to publish it."
4-11-1949, Nathuram Vinayak Godse

Note: The Indus River (Sindhu) flows in what today is Islamic Pakistan.

[NOTE: Although we do not agree across the board with everything espoused by Hindu Unity, we are on the same page as far as vigorously resisting Islam and its brutal attacks against India and the West are concerned. Where we differ is in keeping a solid, united front of all factions that oppose the assault of Islam. That is, we believe that at this time our primary enemy is Islam and its supporters, period. lw]

NOUN: A retort accusing an accuser of a similar offense or similar behavior.
ETYMOLOGY: Latin tu quoque, you also : tu, you + quoque, also.

Tu Quoque is a very common fallacy in which one attempts to defend oneself or another from criticism by turning the critique back against the accuser.


Islam delenda est


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