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What Can We Do?

(A Modest Proposal)

Sent to me at my solicitation

by An East Indian

[Note: friends, this a repeat of an earlier blog entry. It is, however, worth repeating--again and again until it sinks in. it might appear abhorrent--now. As time goes by (remember the song in the film Casablanca?) it will appear not as unreasonable to the uninitiated as it might now. From time to time, I will elaborate on some of the points raised. So, stay tuned in, and if you gotta switch stations, y'all come back now, hear?]


Islam is a primitive and brutish religion and unfortunately hence, only
primitive and
brutish methods work with islam

As a rule of thumb, muslims are peaceful as long as they are below a
critical threshold
As soon as they cross that threshold, they are a menace

The key then is to dilute muslims below the critical mass

This critical mass is a function of the local kafir community

For example, among a sikh host, the critical % for muslims is about 65%
Among PC infected white Europeans, this critical % is 5%

The first and foremost is to recognise that the lands of islam are lost
and the only thing to do is to evacuate the residual kafirs
A cordon sanitaire needs to be imposed on darul islam
mid-east xtians, bangladeshi hindus, etc this extra 20 - 30 million
will dilute the muslims below critical mass
In addition, east asians, south americans can be imported to dilute
below critical mass

The next thing is to raise fertility of kafir women
In short we have to counter breed against islam
He that is born will die , she that is born will breed 5 , either as a
kafir woman now,
or inside an islamic harem later

This demographic surge of islam will end in 30 years, contain this and
will implode
Muslims were 12% of the world in 1900, and 21% today, solely by

Islam is like a shark, to breathe, a shark has to swim, keep a shark
and it dies
Similarly a contained islam, unable to expand will implode from within

Next, is to import kafirs with a history of success against islamic
Importing Caribean blacks or Sikhs will do the trick
Indian Punjab was 33% muslim in 1947, the sikhs reduced it to 0% in 2
The sikhs used islamic method on muslims
When the sikhs ruled Pakistan, they shut down all the mosques and
were thrown to
their deaths from minarets
When the mullahs declared jihad agains the sikhs, the sikhs invaded
( near Afghanistan )
and cut up the chief mullah and burnt his body
The sikh general Nalwa used mass reprisal terror against muslim
and it was very effective
For any act of islamic terror, he burnt down the nearest muslim town
and no
one allowed to escape
The sikhs have an interesting method to prevent PC
The golden temple has a muslim atrocity museum
You can see sikh gurus tortured to death for refusing to convert to
This is kind of a holocaust museum
In addition, sikhs have a daily evening prayer called Ardas wherein
remember all the sikh victims of muslim atrocities

Next is a policy of active containment
For example strict law enforcement
In Gujurat, Modi has tamed the muslims by periodically cutting off
electricity to muslim areas
and getting them to sweat in the hot Indian sun
and giving the police a free hand to thrash muslims
Strict law enforcement has a side effect, each time the more jihadist
elements come out to protest, thrash them
and the rest get tame
Interestingly the only 2 areas in India free of islamic terrorism is
punjab, where sikhs solved the problem in 1947 and Gujurat where Modi
islamic methods on muslims

Also another tactic used by hindus in India is economic boycott
For example even in Mumbai, no hindu rents a house to a muslim

My favorite is guided tours of kafir women inside muslim ghettos, where
can see lecherous islamists
in action first hand and get cured of PC

I would also advice on switching to bio-diesel
Jatropha grows in semi-desert and many trains and cars in India are
switching to biodiesel from Jatropha
Jatropha is far more effective than ethanol

I also suggest setting up pig abbotoirs near muslim neighborhoods
Remove halal food from schools based on animal cruelty
Any other tactic for making their daily life miserable

Also consider unleashing xtian missionaries on muslim immigrants
Use rice-xtianity methods, conversion for services

The spanish inquisition took 120 years to get spain rid of muslims
The sikhs managed it in east punjab in 2 months

But overall the main enemy is within
The politically correct, kafir needs to defeated before islam can be

Please add links to

this has online books on islamic atrocities in India

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