Thursday, October 8, 2009

Is the Problem of Afghanistan centered in Pakistan?

Where lies the The Gordian knot* that is Afghanistan?

See Afghanistan: The Gordian Knot of Asia -- how do you unravel it?

For  the answer . . .  and what must be done to--about--Pakistan and its jihadist ISI?

and What part could India play in this development for stopping Islamic terrorism in Asia?

A possible answer can be found at The Apparently Insoluble Problem that is Afghanistan

Alexander of Macedon invaded India but although . . .
From a Macedonian source somes this account of Alexander's end in India:
One of the villages in which the army stopped belonged to the Malli, who were said to be one of the most warlike of the Indian tribes. Alexander was wounded several times in this attack, most seriously when an arrow pierced his breastplate and his ribcage. The Macedonian officers rescued him in a narrow escape from the village. Alexander and his army reached the mouth of the Indus in July 325 BC and turned westward for home.
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From Indian sources (or absence of much ado about Alexander in ancient sources there), comes a different account of the Macedonian's exploits in India:

Alexander’s Indian campaign was a great blunder on his part and it certainly scripted the fall of this much celebrated conqueror.

Alexander's Defeat in India
*A knot in Gordium that no one could unravel and that legend has it Alexander of Macedon solved the problem of by cutting it open with his sword.  (A replica of Alexander of Macedon's sword is shown above)

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