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The Historic Hindu Struggle Against Moslem Tyranny


The invasion of India by the Muslims saw a fierce Hindu-Muslim warfare for 600 years, from the year 715 C.E. up to 1326 C.E., during which period the Muslim invaders gradually occupied parts of India. The next 400 years from 1326 C.E. up to 1720 C.E., saw the relentless struggle for independence by Hindus against Muslim tyranny. Muslim power as the major power in India, effectively ended in 1720 C.E., when the Marathas defeated the Mughal forces near Delhi - the city where the Occupation forces of the Muslims had established their capital from 1206 up to 1720. From 1720 onwards, it was the Marathas who were the real movers behind the Mughal power, although the Muslims continued to be the titular rulers from Delhi till they were formally ousted in 1857 by the British.

What is Hindutva?
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Hindu History

The Rajput Resistance to the Muslim Aggression

By Sudheer Birodkar

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In the last chapter, we saw how the Muslim rule of the Ghaznivids was established in Kabul, Paktoonistan and in the land of the five rivers - Punjab. Thus after Sindh in 715; Kabul Paktoonistan and Punjab became the next Indian provinces which went under Muslim domination in the period 980 C.E. to 1020 C.E.

The refusal of the two Rajput Kingdoms of the Chauhans and the Rathods (Gahadwalas) to unite in face of the Muslim invasion led to the Fall of Delhi and Kannauj to the Muslims and led to the establishment of Muslim Rule in India.

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