Sunday, June 21, 2009

Pakistan: the Army wants presidency and money

Bahman Aghai Diba, PhD International Law - Persian Journal

The victory of Pakistani Taliban to capture an area not far from the capital of Pakistan has alarmed many sources including the USA. The alarm however is not limited to the West; the regional countries are all worried. At the same time what is happening in Pakistan is not at all transparent. The whole issue of recent victories of Taliban is a scene of theater written, orchestrated and played by the Pakistani army and intelligence forces for getting the political power and money. Taliban are product of Pakistani Army and intelligence service and they are not able to take one step without the orders from the masters in the Pakistani army and intelligence apparatus.

The Pakistani army and intelligence services want to get the post of presidency back and also they want the US and other continue to pay money to them in order to pretend that they are fighting Taliban. Taliban have captured the new area under the order from the army and security forces. The powerful Pakistani army and security forces also very well capable of crushing the ragtag army of Taliban in a blink of eye if there are elements among the Taliban that have not got the message.

The Pakistani army and intelligence apparatus do not see Taliban as threat. They are allies of Pakistan in Afghanistan, India and other places. The Taliban terrorists and their allies (Al-Qaida) after all have succeeded to do many things that the Pakistani army has failed to do in India and especially Kashmir. So the army wants to pretend that it is involved in a "manly" and real war with the old enemy i.e. India ( After all they have fought and failed several times and have been defeated and humiliated by the Indians time and again) and they have not time to attend such trivial matters as Taliban getting a piece of land.

Pakistani army and security services are using Pakistani Taliban as tools for bribing the people of Pakistan whose majority have no sympathy for the Taliban. In this level, they want to push the people to beg the army to take the control and save the country from the Taliban savages.

The Pakistani army is also putting the pressure on the West to pay the money and provide it arms to fight the Taliban who are so powerful that can get the capital with another military operation and therefore control the nuclear weapons.

They must be reminded of the consequences of such dangerous games. They must learn how Mullahs of Iran deceived and misused the Iranians, including their army during the so-called Islamic Revolution in Iran.

Bahman Aghai Diba, Washington based Iran analyst, is a former Iranian diplomat and currently a consultant to the World Resources Company

[first published on] May 4, 2009

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