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Cherchez Le Pakistan - Look for it in Pakistan

I know what you did last summer
from The Belmont Club

In the novel Murder on the Orient Express, detective Hercule Poirot concludes that since the death of a man on the fabled train could not have been caused by a single suspect, yet involved all of them, that all the suspects were probably in league. If Poirot really existed, what would he make of Indian Prime Minister Mamohan Singh’s accusation that Pakistan “must have had the support of some official agencies in Pakistan”?

A dossier handed to Pakistan’s high commission in Delhi included interceptions of telephone calls made between the ten Mumbai gunmen and their alleged handlers in Pakistan during the attacks. “The commanders in Pakistan are following events on television and are issuing real-time instructions; telling the gunmen to target certain nationalities and religions; to maximise casualties; not to touch Muslims. This is hands-on direction,” a senior Indian government official told The Times.

The commands included the order to execute six foreign Jews held at Nariman House, an orthodox Jewish outreach centre, during the Mumbai atrocities, which claimed more than 170 lives in all.

Poirot might have wondered why the accusation was not accompanied by the traditional ultimatum. Maybe that’s because — and here’s the tricky part — the information is really intended, not to support a declaration of war which is so yesterday, but to pressure the Pakistani government to act against itself. “Key parts” of the dossier came from the FBI and Pakistan, according to the news reports, already knows it is behind the attack. The Times Online continues:

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10. Anton:

One must hope that the Indians are not afraid to covertly go after the source of the problem. They have the proximity to, and knowledge of, their lunatic neighbor to do so effectively if they choose. If they send several dozen terrorists and their friends to Allah (or reincarnation) maybe the Paki “Good Guys” will do a little house-cleaning of their own.

I think one of the biggest problems is that there is a large amount of support for the terrorists in the Pakistani population and any half-hearted measures against AQ or their sub-groups will look weak while a powerful move may provoke a civil war. This stems from the fact that Pakistan is not a real country, just a bunch of ethnic groups that did not wish to be ruled by India. A sort of Palestine writ large, not a nation based on a set of common values and ideas or even ethnicity, but based on a set of common hatreds.

I cannot suggest that this will end well, even if both the US and India play their cards carefully and well. There are too many people involved that are looking for this to end up as a conflagration, and they seem to care little as to who is consumed.
Jan 6, 2009 - 9:29 am


Pak mullahs issue fatwa for Jehad if India attacks!

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