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NEPAL: Should Indians Care?

Yes, if you believe in an India not controlled by Communists in league with Moslems!

How do these apparently opposing political movements (quasi-religion [political ideology] vs. atheism) work hand-in-hand to impose Leftist control on a country?

It is happening in all "democracies"--all over the world: from Israel to India, and of course including the United States in a big way as well as those oh-so-Liberal EU countries.

The Left and the Islamics are working hard to bring countries under their control. But the Left does not appear to be aware that once it has destroyed opposition to a sharia dictatorship, it will follow, as sure as day turns to night.

Mutant Pacifist blog brings up this subject near to India's heartland):


Prepare to see Nepal go the way of Venezuela

For those who have forgotten, Nepal has been subjected to a series of odd and disturbing incidents in the last decade. First, there was the mysterious massacre of nearly the entire royal family, which allowed a nasty royal uncle to come to power. His gross misrule encouraged the China-sponsored Maoist terrorists roaming Nepal's hillsides to gain popular support. In the guise of restoring democracy and fighting feudalism, the Maoists joined other groups across Nepal to demand new elections.

Nepal's own would-be Hugo Chavez, the terrorist and aspiring tyrant Prachanda, agreed to allow elections because he was confident his party would do well. And if it hadn't done well? He had a contingency plan. In that case, he would have denounced the elections as "fraudulent" and returned to terrorism. All went smoothly for Prachanda however. The king was not only chased into exile, the monarchy itself was abolished.

And now Prachanda is one step closer to creating his dream of a Communist dictatorship, with himself as head of state:

Nepal's interim Prime Minister, Girija Prasad Koirala, has announced that he has resigned.

Correspondents say the move paves the way for the former rebel leader, Prachanda, who heads the Maoist party, to succeed Mr Koirala.

It hasn't taken Prachanda and his fellow puppets long to accede to the string-pulling of their paymasters in Beijing. The "United States expressed concerns over the harsh treatment meted out to the Buddhist exiles by the security forces in..." Lhasa? No. Kathmandu.

The United States has expressed serious concerns over the harsh treatment meted out by Nepalese security forces to Tibetans, particularly three leaders of the Buddhist community, linked to the anti-China protests in Kathmandu.

Nepal police has arrested Kalsang Chung, Ngawang Sangmo and Tashi Dolma, raiding their houses and accusing them of instigating anti-China activities in Nepal. They have been put in jail under the draconian Public Security Act with three month sentence.

Note that the "Public Security Act, which allows for preventive detention for up to 90 days, with a possible extension of up to 12 months, while authorities investigate alleged criminal offences" used to arrest the Buddhists is the same law used by the previous regime to silence protest. (See the HRW link, above.)

Newspapers have also had to suspend operations after attacks and death threats from Maoists.

Journalist Hemanta Paudel was threatened on 27 May, and journalist Lucky Chaudhari was assaulted on 28 May, for publishing news reports about incidents involving Maoists which had occurred at the Beheda Temple and Mahadev Pond.

Due to these threats, journalists approached the DAO to ask for protection.

However, Rana and Fulram Chaudhari called upon villagers to gather and attack the journalists again. They were entering DAO by force, upon which DAO security officers opened fire to control the violence. Three people were killed in the clash. Lucky Chaudhari has had to stop working at his workplace.

FNJ denounces the incident saying that it is shameful that journalists are being attacked by top local leaders of a political party who should be committed to protecting journalists and press freedom.

Watch things get worse.
Posted by Mutant Pacifist at 2:49 PM
Anand said...
Thanks for covering Nepal. It doesn't get nearly enough coverage.


Thousands are dying in Nepal and no one seems to care.

Is Prachanda really a nut? I wish he were a Chinese puppet. At least then he would be a free market globalizing capitalist.

But if Prachanda is insane then that is bad for India, China, and the rest of the world--because failed states facilitates organized crime against everyone.

India and America should try to formulate a joint strategy with China to deal with Prachanda if possible. There are some older Chinese who see Prachanda as a way to bleed India (hence his past patronage.) But younger more pro business Chinese don’t see it that way, and might be open to collaboration.

[color emphasis mine. lw]

Monday, June 30, 2008 6:02:00 PM PDT

Mutant Pacifist said...

Is Prachanda crazy enough to believe his own propaganda, or merely a power-hungry pragmatist? I fear the two are not incompatible.

Trying to coordinate with China to control Nepal may soon be as fruitless as trying to get China to control North Korea. Sure, maybe it's the only game in town, but you have to realize that China is the one propping up the regime in the first place.

Frankly, if I were India, I wouldn't be willing to cede that much power to China just yet. Maybe Nepal can still be brought back from the brink. I think that rather than put too much faith in high-level diplomacy to control Prachanda, India should focus on supporting grass-roots, nonviolenct resistance to any attempts to turn Nepal into a full fledged dictatorship.

Monday, June 30, 2008 11:43:00 PM PDT

Anand said...

China "DID" help with North Korea, and "DID" help with Pakistan and Afghanistan after 9/11. China informed Pakistan that they had to act against AQ linked networks.

China also publicly pledged themselves alongside Iran, Russia, India and the Stans on 9.12.01 that they would support the Northern Alliance as the legitimate government of Afghanistan and assist them against the Taliban. This was invaluable.

China did this because AQ linked networks are a major threat to China. Similarly North Korean nuclear weapons are a major threat to China (since it causes Japan, South Korea and possibly Taiwan to go nuclear, since it destabilizes the Korean peninsula in ways that make a North Korean collapse and millions of North Korean refugees fleeing to China more likely, and because North Korea has a habit of selling dangerous weapons to the highest bidder and China didn’t want to risk North Korea selling weapons to terrorists.)

Similarly, today India’s largest trading partner is China (#2 is America.) China’s economic relationship with India is critical to the regime. Bad relations with India threaten China. A collapsed failed Nepalese state could lead to millions fleeing Nepal (mostly to India, but some to China as well.) Finally, organized crime and terrorism are major challenges confronting China. For these reasons China may not want to risk a failed Nepalese state.

In any case, I think India and America should collaborate closely on Nepal and as far as possible speak with one voice on the issue.

Other topic:

B Raman thinks Prachanda is bad news. Doesn't trust Prachanda as far as he can throw him. I hope B Raman is wrong, but we have to accept the possibility that he is right.

Monday, June 30, 2008 11:59:00 PM PDT
Mutant Pacifist said...

Yes, China can help with North Korea and Pakistan, but China's goals and the goals of free nations only coincide so far. China actually has an armed border with North Korea; they don't want that state doing anything crazy. (A war between China and NK is not impossible.) But even less, I suspect, does China want that border to become the border with a free, united and democratic Korea.

Same with Nepal. A truly free, democratic and stable Nepal would almost certainly gravitate toward India, and definitely become a stepping stone for Tibetan activism. China doesn't want Nepal to become a failed state, but they don't want it to be a successful democracy either. So, I really, really think it's a bad idea to give China too much power or credit when it comes to stopping Nepal's slide into dictatorship. A strong, stable dictatorship is what China wants there.

I guess I should do a little more digging into Prachanda. What I've read of him so far has made me very uneasy.

Tuesday, July 1, 2008 10:09:00 AM PDT

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