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A Danger to India

Zakir Naik*– A Danger to India
by Jagmohan Singh Khurmi
05 Dec, 2007
*[Quote from a pro-Islamic site] A Muslim Scholar (Dr. Zakir Naik) known for his moderate and logical approach towards Islam declares that "Every Muslim Should be a terrorist. And that He is with Osama Bin Laden as far as he is te...

How should the Indians treat Zakir Naik? Should he be dismissed as just another demagogue and ignored in the name of multiculturalism?

Last time people like him came to the scene, they became the weapon of division of India into two states. And since “purity” was central to the very existence of the ideal Islamic state of Pakistan, what the world saw was one of the greatest forced immigration of Hindus and Sikhs from the lands that were required to be pure by the very literal meaning of “Pakistan”. And since these wretched infidels were far more prosperous culturally and financially, it took much more than simple request to uproot them from the lands that had been there for centuries – the forced immigration had to be lubricated with a colossal bloodbath that has no parallel in annals of history. But there was bright side too to the ugly picture – the faithful were amply rewarded with real estate, and the other worldly possessions of the kafirs, including their women. See how prophetic the holy Koran is!

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The (Islamic) Barbarians Inside India's Gates

You can not win at a boxing match (and such is the fight between Hinduism and Islam), if you are not aggressive. No matter how effectively you defend yourself and protect yourself, there comes the moment when you have to hit. Thousand of years the Muslims have turned Hindus into their religion and almost never the opposite. It’s time things changed. ** This does not contradict the principles of the religion at all, as some may claim.

It is necessary, also, at first place . . . to adopt laws against the mass Islamization of the Hindus. The international community can be convinced with the argument that the mass ceremonies of turning into another religion threaten the social peace in the country and lead to inter-religious conflicts. In addition to this, as it has been already said, the democratic principles are not absolute, only the religious values are absolute.

So, the Indian nation should finally wake up and stand as an iron fist against the secret aspirations of the barbarians.


excerpt from


by Bojil Kolarov

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In 4102 from the beginning of Kali Juga the barbarians invaded Punjab. At the lead of their hordes was Mahmud Gaznavi - a Turk from Middle Asia, who moved the capital of his state in Ghazna. In the course of the next years his armies undertook a series of ravaging military campaigns against India, turning her northwest provinces into piles of burning ashes and killing more than one hundred thousand people. However, more fearful is the fact that the invaders forcefully imposed in the sacred land of the Vedas a doubtful religion standing in most cases far lower than the Hinduism - Islam. In the next ten centuries the latter spread all over the country like an epidemic to such a degree that today it encompasses almost one third from the population of the subcontinent and turn into the greatest ever threat for the existence of the Indian civilization.

The subject matter of this book shall be the history of India, its destiny and the causes which brought her downfall in the last millenium. This is a humble attempt of a foreigner to analyze the circumstances which transformed the wisest and greatest ever people into a peripheral human formation from the Third World, threatened to be engulfed by the Arab spirit at any moment.
Since this book expresses a subjective view on the course of history I consider it appropriate to share how I reached the idea for writing it.

I have shown a deep interest in India since I was very young. As long as I remember this far-away land attracted me strongly with its mystery and wisdom. I felt that India is a land different than the rest, it is not like other countries. The more books I read about its ancient history the more my conviction flourished and strengthened. So, I decided that I should either go and see it or my life will turn pointless

However, soon I understood that the real threat for the country did not came from the west but from quite a different place. It sprang from the very bottom of the Indian society, from a large community of people, unexpectedly implanted during the last thousand years in its very womb, sucking its life juices. I speak about the Islam community.

I heard about presence of Islam threat in the country from my Indian friends when they pointed to me some Muslim in the crowd and commented that his co-believers refuse to fulfil the programs of the government for family planning and have purposefully 10-15 children, whereas the Hindus have only 3-4. For me India was the country of the wandering philosophers and the yogis, the sacred land of the Vedas, the Upanishads and Gita.

I grasped more clearly the real size of the threat when in the spring of 1993 I found myself in a remote village in eastern Bihar. Eighty percent of the residents were Muslims and twenty - Hindus. The monopoly of the first over the social life was total. The signs were everywhere written not in Devangari but with the Arab alphabet. The appearance of most of the villagers, their way of clothing, even their face expression spoke that these people not only look like Arabs but that they felt like Arabs, thought like Arabs and their umbilical cord with India is cut (later I would find that the Islam religion is able to leave traces on the faces of people and mould them.) Night and day every several hours from the loudspeaker of the minaret, the prayer of the muezzin was blasting out and did not allow the Hindus, neither the tourists nor those Muslims who did not follow strictly the religious prescriptions, to sleep in peace. I had the feeling that I was not here in India - the land of Buddha and Shri Shankaracharya, but somewhere in the Middle East.

Suddenly, I realized that in the last thousand years India had changed a lot, and for the first time in her millenary history one foreign and hostile to her real essence body was implanting. Everywhere in the big Indian cities I could see the growing Muslim quarters, with their characteristic architecture, with their slaughterhouses, they were everywhere, closed communities, hostile, looking with disdain and disgust at the surrounding community of the “impious”. Over hundred million subjects of Republic India had in fact nothing in common with her, because their heart was a thousand kilometers from here - somewhere in the Middle East. They felt as citizens of the invisible Pakistan (and demonstrated it), citizens of the World Caliphate and wanted to be foreigners in their own country.

I have often asked myself what was so specific about the Muslim self-conscience that prevents it from getting integrated with any other? Why the Christians, Buddhists, Judeans, Sikhs or Jains can live in harmony with India and enrich her culture, but the followers of Mohamed can not? The Islam is not just a total religion, it is a nationality. Its followers all over the world felt like part of God-chosen nation, which stands over the rest. The people who profess other religions are considered to be “impious” and in the case of the Hindus, worse - for “pagan”. The Muslims would rather transform India into an Arab country, but they would never become real Indians. Until they are minority in a certain country they would lead a closed life in their shell, keeping aside from the social and state life, but when they become a majority they would impose with an iron fist their understanding about the society over the other religious communities, without showing consideration for nothing.

This is the uniqueness of the Muslim invasions in India from the period of 8-15 century. While the previous invaders - the Persians, Greeks, Hunas and Juechas have only ravaged the country without trying to interfere in the secular and religious life (for that reason these numerous invaders disappeared like grain of sand in the vast Indian sea), the Arabs, the Pushtuns and the Turks have tried to impose a new view of life and conception of the world, exemplified by the Islam, which would have over-live their physical existence. This turns into a real threat for the traditional culture of the country because the Islam creates a totalitarian culture that does not tolerate any other traditions and customs.

Where Islam settled, the traditional culture before long disappeared.. Those regions in which it outweighed, were brutally cut from the bosom of the Indian civilization and annexed to the Semitic. The bloody violence over the local population from the invaders, and also the treason of millions of Hindus, who betrayed the bequest of their own religions helped for the spreading of the new religion. Century by century the Arab doctrine spread around the country of the Vedas like a cancer in an diseased person in order to encompass in our days almost 30% of its population. If this expansion does not stop and 380 belief apostates of the subcontinent do not understand the character of the sin committed by their ancestors, India is threatened in the next 1-2 centuries to follow the destiny of the Zoroastrian Iran which 1300 years ago disgracefully surrendered to the warriors of the crescent moon.

Having mentioned all this, one should not be left with the impression that the degeneration and weakness of India are only blamed on the Muslims, nor with the impression that this book will look at the Hindu-Muslim relations. Islam is only tool in the hands of the Providence, its spread on the subcontinent is God’s punishment of the Hindus for their sins in the past. And they are not little. Degeneration of the class society, loss of the truth about man, slackness of morals, metaphysical fear, impotence, passiveness - these are only some of the sins of the Hindus which lead eventually to the created critical situation. The more I rummaged through the history of India from the last three thousand years, the more I found Karma occasions for the ensuing tragic events. In this little book I want to retell in a concise form what I found examining the history of present-day India and help in a way - as far as it is possible, of course - so that some of the tragic faults made by the Indian in the past should not be repeated in the future. These efforts spring from my gratitude and love for India, because everything I know for the world and life, I know it thanks to the Indian philosophy.

Here is the Table of the Contents of this book:



Part One: THE SINS
Chapter 1: India as it was before
Chapter 2: Begining of the downfall. Degeneration of the caste system
Chapter 3: The downfall of knowledge
Chapter 4: Other forms of degeneration: slackness of morals

Chapter 1: Begining of the Muslim invasions (11-15 C)
Chapter 2: About the superiority of Hinduism to Islam
Chapter 3: Continuation of Muslim invasions (15-18 C)
Chapter 4: India after the independence. The islamisation reaches its critical point



The Indian Muslims however, carried forward the legacy of Islamic invaders, who used this concept of Muslim brotherhood to keep the new Islamic recruits socially separated from the Hindus obviously with a political design.

Afghans, Turks and Arabs, who all entered India as invaders, were Sunni Muslims, who strongly believed in Sunnat (practice of the Prophet) but they had no brotherly fraternity. Historically they were inimical to each other. "The relation between Moghuls and Afghans were not friendly. The Afghans had a deep seated hatred for the Moghuls, and it was only the yoke of subjection which had reconciled them to the domination of the latter and passage of time had partly healed the wounds" (A Social History of Islamic India by Mohammad Yasin, Second Edition, 1974, Page 10).

Theoretically, the Muslim community is a caste-less society but in practice Indian Muslims are socially divided between the descendants of Muslim invaders, converts from upper caste Hindus and lower caste Hindu converts. Shaikh, Sayed, Pathan and Moghuls who belong to upper strata of Muslim society and popularly known as Ashraf Muslims do not maintain equality in social interaction with their co-religionists, who belong to their pre-Islamic lower caste Hindus like barber, washerman, weaver, butcher, scavenger and so on. Still carrying the mental burden of their pre-Islamic castes, they continue to suffer from inferiority complex in their social interaction with upper caste converts. Though, there is no religious binding, the inter-marriage between different groups of Indian converts is not common in Muslim society. In fact the Muslims have relatively fewer points of quarrels with Hindus than of their own community that is widely divided in various sects.
The concept of brotherhood in Islam as also in other religions suggests pursuit of social equality. But the social stratification of Indian Muslims in various social segments and their social segregation from Ashraf Muslims clearly indicate that no brotherly fraternity exists among them. Contrary to the concept of religious equality and the Islamic brotherhood, social inequality remained the striking feature of Indian Muslims too (Indian Muslims - Edited by Noor Mohammad, 1999, Page 219). "Muslim community is not a homogeneous, a well-knit and consolidated community" (Muslim Attitudes by Moin Shakir, 1974, Page2). The Muslim ruling class however always used this concept to exploit the Indian converts to Islam for their political cause even though the latter carried forward their pre-Islamic social and cultural traits.



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Destruction and Desecration in Ayodhya: Gates of Vienna

Gates of Vienna: Destruction and Desecration in Ayodhya: "Destruction and Desecration in Ayodhya
by Baron Bodissey

Back in 2005 I touched briefly on the destruction of a Hindu temple in Ayodhya by the Moghul emperor Aurangzeb. The desecration of Ayodhya was part of a vast project of devastation and massacre perpetrated by the Muslim invaders upon the Hindus, Buddhists, and Sikhs of India over a span over several hundred years.

The legions of the Prophet cut swaths of destruction across the Hindu heartland in the 14th, 15th, 16th, and 17th centuries, destroying temples, carrying off booty, and massacring millions of infidels. The mujahideen heaped up literal mountains of skulls in their pious zeal. They enslaved those whom they did not kill, and destroyed the magnificent sacred architecture and art of Hindu civilization that lay in their path.

Considering the Indian treasures that managed to survive the Muslim onslaught, it is heartrending to contemplate what was lost, since what remains is only a fraction of what once was. This deliberate wanton destruction of a civilization was not a byproduct of greed: it was the very purpose of Islam itself. Mass murder of infidels and the destruction of all “idols” remain the primary function of pious Muslims when they are unencumbered by any external restraints."

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Hinduism will defeat Islam!


Book Claims Nostradamus Presaged Hindu Destiny


. . . Hindu Destiny in Nostradamus is the first book to interpret the seer's [Nostradamus'] mystic verses in the light of Hindu dharma and Indian historicity. Mr. Hiranyappa [G.S. Hiranyappa of Bangalore] observes that in one of his verses Nostradamus predicts that "the religion named after the seas will overcome the religion of the Caliph." He explains that the Indian Ocean's indigenous name in Hindu Maha Sagar, and of course in Islam the caliph is regarded as the supreme leader. He says "it becomes clear that Hinduism will defeat Islam."
Did the Renaissance mystic Nostradamus "see" the future of humanity, including a 1999 nuclear holocaust and the destiny of Hinduism on the earth? That's exactly what G.S. Hiranyappa of Bangalore claims. And to support his assertions he has published a book called Hindu Destiny in Nostradamus which makes some extraordinary predictions.

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Arya Shakti Dal
Spreading the Message of Hindutva

Source: Hinduism Today

Terrorist Bull's Eye on India: A Threat to the West

Terrorist Bull's Eye on India: A Threat to the West: Guest Blog by Dr. Deborah Schurman-Kauflin at The Criminal Report Daily by David Lohr (expert Crime writer)

Moslems in India: A Problem? Or Not a Problem?

An Eye Opener from a Christian Professor - Open letter to Ms Seema Mustafa
From: Hilda Raja

What is the Problem of Kashmir?

Kashmir: The Problem is Muslim Extremism
by Sita Ram Goel

Saturday, February 7, 2009


" . . . the problem is not with Muslims, whether they are Indians or Pakistanis, the problem is with Islam, which teaches Indian Muslims from an early age, to look beyond their national identity to a country - the Mecca, in Saudi Arabia - which is not their country, to read a Scripture which is not written in their own language, to espouse a way of thinking, which is inimical to their own roots and indigenous culture. Indian Muslims, have to think of themselves first as Muslims and secondly only as Muslims. Muslim soldiers fighting against Pakistan in Kargil, have shown the way."
- Francois Gautier



Tuesday, April 15, 2008

"Muslims are bullies and Hindus cowards", the Mahatma Gandhi once said. He was right - at least about Hindus: there has been in the past 1400 years, since the first invasions started, very few Shivaji's and Rajput princes to fight the bloody rule of the Moghuls, or hardly any Rani of Jhansi's to stand against the humiliating colonial yoke of the British. If a nation's soul is measured by the courage of its children, then India is definitely doomed: without the Sikhs, whose bravery is unparalleled in the more recent history of India, Hindus would have even lost additional land to the Muslim invaders and there would have been infinitely more massacres of Hindus by Muslims during the first weeks of Partition.

Are Hindus more courageous since they have an independent nation (thanks - not to the non-violence of Gandhi - but to the true nationalists, such as Sri Aurobindo and Tilak, who prepared the ground for the Mahatma at the beginning of the century)? Not at all! Because of Nehru's absurd and naïve "hindi-chini-bhai-bhai" policy, the Indian army was shamefully routed in 1962 by the Chinese, a humiliation which rankles even today. Beijing is still able to hoodwink Indian politicians, by pretending it has good intentions, through the interviews the Chinese leaders very generously give to the Hindu newspaper (which should rightly be called the "anti-Hindu") and Frontline ("the mouthpiece in India for the Chinese communist party"), while quietly keeping on giving nuclear know-how to Pakistan, as well as the missiles to carry their atomic warheads to Indian cities, arm separatists groups in the north-east and continuing to claim Arunachal Pradesh or Sikkim.

Everywhere in the world, Hindus are hounded, humiliated, routed, be it in Fiji where, once more, an elected democratic government was deposed in an armed coup, or in Pakistan and Bangladesh, where Muslims indulge in pogroms against Hindus every time they want to vent their hunger against India (read Taslima Nasreen's book "Lalja"). In Kashmir, the land of yogis, where Hindu sadhus and sages have meditated for 5000 years, Hindus have been chased out of their ancestral home by death, terror and intimidation: there were 25% of Hindus at the beginning of the century in the Kashmir valley… and hardly a handful today. And how did India start the new millennium? By surrendering as a lamb goes to the slaughterhouse to a handful of terrorists who took over flight IC 814 from Kathmandu to Delhi (Nepal is another small inconsequential country, which owes its culture to India, but keeps on indulging India's enemies, whether Pakistan or China)! India had the opportunity to storm the plane when it landed in Amritsar, at a time when the militants had not been furnished with explosives and more guns by the Talibans, but it did nothing out of bureaucratic bungling and sheer incapability. And not only did this Hindu Government (yes, BJP/Hindu, not Congress/Secular) make an ass of itself by calling the Talibans "friendly", whereas all along the Talibans only helped the terrorists, but also by its weak "Gandhian" attitude, it lost any credibility in a world, where Might is the only criteria, as the US proves us every day.

And what happens when there is ONE man in India - whatever his faults, quirks, or excesses - who dares to call a spade a spade, is not afraid of words and is ready to stand-up for his opinions? Not only, of course, he is attacked by Christians and Muslims, but he is also hounded by his own brothers and sisters, the "secular" Hindus, the Human Rights activists, the journalists, the judges, the police, the (Congress) politicians! Are Hindus so intent to show the world that not only they are cowards, but also idiots? This man, of course, is Bal Thakeray. When Bal Thakeray said, already many years ago, that there was no point in playing cricket against Pakistan, as long as Islamabad was sending militants to kill and maim into Indian territory, he was ridiculed by the secular press as fanatic and un-sportive (and cricket is certainly not a gentleman's game as the recent scandal has shown). But he was proved right, when during Kargil, India refused - for once - to play cricket with Pakistan. When he says too, that since fourteen centuries, Muslims always strike first against Hindus, he has another good point, for those who live in Indian cities which have important Muslim minorities, will tell you that every time there are Hindu-Muslims, it is the Muslims who start them, either by attacking the police, or by provoking the Hindus.

And this is exactly what happened in Bombay, after the Ayodya mosque was brought down by Hindu militants : Muslims, angry of the "terrible" affront done to Islam, started pelting the police with stones and burning shops; but unfortunately for the Muslims, who have made of riots an art (please read the passages of the Koran which deal with riots as part of jihad), they found that for once, the Hindus under the leadership of the Shiv Sena, retaliated blow for blow - an eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth - as the Israelis, who have been so long at the receiving end of Muslim bullying, say so well. It is not for us to condone violence: but how long can the Hindus be the butt of killings and persecution, be sacrificial lambs that meekly go to slaughter ? For in a way, Gandhi was right: Muslims are bullies, they have bullied India and they continue to bully Hindu India, as Pakistan has demonstrated by receiving a well-meaning, but naïve Vajpayee at Lahore, while its soldiers were quietly invading the heights above Kargil; or as Mushraraf shows, by giving gullible Indian journalists pep talk about how he wants peace with India, while Islamabad is still training and arming murderous jihadis for Kashmir.

And what monstrous murder is Bal Thakeray accused of ? What crime against humanity has he committed? He is guilty of having written two "inflammatory" editorials in the Shiv Sena's mouthpiece. Editorials? Inflammatory? But did Bal Thakeray ever kill anyone ? Is the man going to be arrested for having "written" something ? Are not the leaders of the Muslim organization which spearheaded the recent bombing of churches in Karnataka and Andhra Pradesh, to sow disharmony between Christians and Hindus, still scot-free, by pretending that they believe in secularism ? Has Tiger Memom, who planted deadly bombs in Bombay in 1992, ever been caught and brought to court ? Are not the Muslim organizations, which organized the bomb attacks in Coimbatore a few years back, still functioning under different names ? Isn't it true that in Kerala, every day a new mosque is built with money coming from the Gulf and that from these mosques and madrasas the mullahs preach openly violence and anti-Hinduism ? …

The truth is that there are two standards in India: one for the Hindus; and one for the Muslims. Did the "fanatic" Hindus who brought down Ayodhya (and brought shame onto secular India, according to the Indian media) kill or even injure anyone in the process? No. But Muslims do not have such qualms. When Gandhi said they were bullies, he was being very nice or very polite. For forget about the millions of Hindus killed during the ten centuries of Muslim invasions, probably the worst Holocaust in world history; forget about the hundreds of thousands of Hindu temples razed to the ground, whose destruction - whatever our "secular" Hindus of today say - was carefully recorded by the Muslims themselves, because they were proud of it (see Aurangzeb's own chronicles); forget about the millions of Hindus forcibly converted to Islam, and who sadly are now rallying under a banner, a language, a scripture which have nothing to do with their own ethos and culture (*). Yesterday and also today, when the Muslim world feels it has been slighted, in even a small measure by Hindus, these Infidels, who submitted meekly to Muslim rule for ten centuries, it retaliates a hundred fold - this is the only way one intimidates cowards. After Ayodhya, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia (at least in a passive way by giving shelter for a while to Tiger Memon) with the help of Indian Muslims, planted bombs in the heart of Bombay and killed a thousand innocent human beings, most of them, once more, Hindus. Tomorrow, Pakistan might wage, with the blessing of the Muslim word, the ultimate jihad against India, which if necessary, will utilise the ultimate weapon, nuclear bombs. For has not the Koran said "'Choose not thy friends among the Infidels till they forsake their homes and the way of idolatry. If they return to paganism then take them whenever you find them and kill them" (Koran 98:51-9:5-4:89) ?

Unfortunately for India, the British, when they were here, had created an intellectual elite, to act as a go-between themselves and the "natives", which today, thanks to the Nehruvian culture of successive Congress governments, looks at its own country, not by means of its own Indian eyes, but through a western prism, as fashioned by the white colonizers and the missionaries. These " Brown Shahibs ", these true children of Macaulay, the " secular " politicians, the journalists, the top bureaucrats, in fact the whole westernised cream of India are very critical of anything Hindu. And what is even more paradoxical, is that 98% of them are Hindus ! It is they, who upon getting independence, have denied India its true identity and borrowed blindly from the British education system, without trying to adapt it to the unique Indian mentality and psychology; and it is they who are refusing to accept a change of India's education system, which is totally western-oriented and is churning out machines, learning by heart boring statistics which are of little usefulness in life. And what India is getting from this education is a youth which apes the West : they go to Mac Donald's, thrive on MTV culture, wear the latest Klein jeans and Lacoste T Shirts, and in general are useless, rich parasites, in a country which has so many talented youngsters who live in poverty. They will grow-up like millions of other western clones in the developing world, who wear a tie, read the New York Times and swear by liberalism and secularism to save their countries from doom. In time, they will reach elevated positions and write books and articles which make fun of their own country, ridicule the Bal Thakeray's of India and put them in jail; they will preside human-right committees, be "secular" high bureaucrats who take the wrong decisions and generally do tremendous harm to India, because it has been programmed in their genes to always run down their own country. It is said that a nation has to be proud of itself to move forward - and unless there is a big change in this intellectual elite, unless it is more conscious of its heritage and of India's greatness, which has begun to happen in a small way, it is going to be very difficult for India to emerge as a real 21st century superpower.

One would be tempted to say in conclusion : "Arise ô Hindus, stop being cowards, remember that a nation requires Kshatriyas, warriors, to defend Knowledge, to protect one's women and children, to guard one's borders from the Enemy"….

And do Indians need a Bal Thakeray to remind them of that simple truth ?

(*) This is no to say that all Muslims are fanatics; on the contrary, many of India's Muslims are extremely gentle and their sense of hospitality unsurpassed. The same thing can be said about Pakistan: Pakistani politicians, for instance, are much more accessible than in India and Pakistan has its own identity, which cannot be wished away. No, the problem is not with Muslims, whether they are Indians or Pakistanis, the problem is with Islam, which teaches Indian Muslims from an early age, to look beyond their national identity to a country - the Mecca, in Saudi Arabia - which is not their country, to read a Scripture which is not written in their own language, to espouse a way of thinking, which is inimical to their own roots and indigenous culture. Indian Muslims, have to think of themselves first as Muslims and secondly only as Muslims. Muslim soldiers fighting against Pakistan in Kargil, have shown the way.

** From his new book "Arise Ô India" (Har-Anand) on the 25th August at India International Centre, 1PM..

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